First Up

March 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi there,

Civilizing mankind started out with the word, a single word. Today there are so many words that getting lost in them is easy. Yes—so many are lost.

Too much to say, not enough to imagine. Let alone know.

For instance how many folks coming here could look over my header picture and realise what it depicts..?

I got it from a friend who had spotted the whole thing unattributed online. The whole thing had a couple of short messages which explained the brilliancy of its creator’s concept: to wit, how all humankind was melting the ice coolers of our planet into water which drop by drop was falling into the other half of a timer-glass in order to create the world we all live in.

Making our actual relationship with Earth both direct and deadly. On Earth, and for all of us.

Okay, so if that is the big picture, what is the smaller one—the ME.. mine..?

Answering that question is my story of a lifetime, and for what this blog tells all for their own benefit or advancement..

I guess its prologue would have to explain that timer-glass theme up above. In older language these were often called hour-glass. Partly filled with sand grains there was enough to take an hour to flow through a tiny neck to the other half. And it was the falling sand that sparked an idea of how to tell my lifetime story.

But hey, tiny holes were for hour-glasses; the hole I had in mind was a kind of landing among folks who neither deserved me nor I them. They were destined to be diggers intent only – and wholly focussed – on digging their way out. Whilst I—well let’s say here and now I had better things to do. Over time.

The first real truth then: ideas are great and the folks who gave me the mind to dwell on them, but delivering or executing them properly takes time. Plus patience and persistence.

Right now the time it takes to write my story down..

I’ll try for regular daily posts, so keep on coming back. Won’t you. One thing for sure I’ll promise—figuring the challenges I faced will prep you for the greatest rewards of all.

See you soon.



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