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D Ag@ USA says more land planted in corn, wheat and cotton, the last up 15 percent.

Which news could mean a punt now will box seat late summer and give punters oodles of sell space nearer price peaks.

Answering the Japan interest I’d say they go more for refined fuels than crude oil, okay. You could be correct on metals, being how they make automobiles etc.. tho how one shapes into china for the best out-takes I couldn’t say… eh 😉

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The Thursday topic blog ..

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will not play today.. reason being a tumble this afternoon.. the kind to recover on a good lie down… pillowed of course.. tho how this fellow made it to the entrance I’ll never know.. nor will he from the look of things!

imho’s up with a cracker risk management re range finding, I believe.. (first time I ever encountered the persistent advice “destination busy” and called the telco to ascertain the hitch only to be told in one of those machine coded voices that I could queue for.. 21.. to.. 35 minutes for them to call back on the ‘pipe’ blockage. Early example the new corporateaze—being cheap and uncheerful! ps: might this be some response to reported aussie and kiwi government scrutiny of their highly lucrative roaming rackets.. only asking. eh man! )

Tho there, Mr Joyless Minister – (GR@ MR@rnzn will know what I mean) – is a range-found* model for the taking. May I suggest that instead of coming across extremely rude and domineering in public broadcast that you adopt a mid-range aka ballpark figure in financial answers to senior journalists at least. Ranged budgetary-type figures turn you into a wonk at best and highly uncertain ( as to allocatable income ) at worst. Needless to say I am inclined to view what you had to say and the manner of its saying in the latter category. Can do better—and I have known much better from you—kindly do so!

* not bound since time has an infinity aspect in certain don’t ask don’t tell offices.

Of course, it is always possible that stirrings and happenings in those northern constituencies have been at play.. along with institutional spokes and lobbies and blah blah. Fraying the nerves. wrinkling the keys.. and so.. for whom the bell must toll gets a play.. Which is to say the media-bearing ill-omened messages as they do gotta take stick from da sticka officials .. will suffice their need for public distraction. Adding this, you understand, to suggest no one overlook the ‘sweetheart deals’ – whether non-prosecution or high life retained post-politics – to have gone with such wonderful endearments to-and-fro the coupdicks..

interesting perhaps would be knowing whois putting le New in the News..

now to my recline… and a good book.. mebbe a good earful.. in a day or so..

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And guess who, and where, and how..

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There aint nothin’ new in quake countries..

Extreme soil liquefaction over hundreds of miles was responsible for much of the damage in Japan following the recent earthquake and tsunami, according to a new report. While it is common for major earthquakes to produce some liquefaction — a phenomenon in which soils lose their strength and act more like liquids, causing structures to shift or sink — the extent of soil shifting caused by the nearly five-minute earthquake on March 11 surprised even members of a Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance, or GEER, advance team that studied the recent earthquake. In a preliminary report, they say the duration of the recent temblor should make researchers reassess the threats of future earthquakes in regions such as the U.S. Pacific Northwest. “With such a long-lasting earthquake, we saw how structures that might have been OK after 30 seconds just continued to sink and tilt as the shaking continued for several more minutes,” said Scott Ashford, a professor of geotechnical engineering at Oregon State University and a member of the research team. According to the report, the shifting soil destroyed water, sewer, and gas pipelines, knocked out utilities and infrastructure, and caused some areas to sink as much as four feet.

H/T: Yale 360.

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Playing Up: update 1

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According to a german spogagrapha @ blog.co.uk motorists fuel price hikes are causing ‘shop local’ strategies among regular shoppers. Not driving to another town or using the car at all, but actually avoiding use altogether.

In the UK and many european cities they can of course, whilst in kiwi country that local would be a luxury few – maybe apartment dwellers – could/would use.

All in all the impression is one of why the Saudi Oil Minister’s voice rings truest the real market situation. Which says nothing at all for the counterfactuals.. eh man!

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Now for Playing Up..

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I started out with this thing on a first up basis.. well now – already – we have reached the playing-up stage..

No, quelle surprise WILL NOT do!

I heard the other day how the kiwi PM slammed oil prices as culprit for higher inflation figures. They have shot up and yes, kiwis are almost wholly net importers the black stuff.. which is to say reliant on offshore-price setters. Actually, this is what officials tell their folks and constituencies because.. well.. it gets a little complicated when we get down to prices at the pump for motorists etc. My point here being the difference between actual production prices post bulk shipping etc.. and gasoline or diesel pumped up from a retail gas station’s underground storage tanks. Viz production price actual vs market price actual.

A point brought out to greater understanding in offshore media in recent times.

According to “Experts” in the industry DailyFinance.com expressed concerns that supply may be further reduced by political turmoil in Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Nigeria. Hence price hikes.

But Bloomberg reported on April 17th Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi whose country he said CUT oil production by 800,000 barrels a day in March because the market was “oversupplied”.

Confused..? Or, using that oh so medical term, contused!

Important then is WHO is saying what.

Those so-called experts look post-production don’t they.. market yes, but of their own making and not yours. So whether the PM or not I think it is important that users of a commodity know as much as it is possible to know about what the heck they are paying for. And whom.

Meantime in the risk management content stripe, I guess it is 9 liters not 10 for shopping and taking a long position on lower production. Let the richer than ye fillup and sooner not later play up the market pricing monsters..

ps: imho@home is a great new blog.. due appear any time soon.. actually up but I don’t know if you’ve gotta blog finder.


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