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April 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

will not play today.. reason being a tumble this afternoon.. the kind to recover on a good lie down… pillowed of course.. tho how this fellow made it to the entrance I’ll never know.. nor will he from the look of things!

imho’s up with a cracker risk management re range finding, I believe.. (first time I ever encountered the persistent advice “destination busy” and called the telco to ascertain the hitch only to be told in one of those machine coded voices that I could queue for.. 21.. to.. 35 minutes for them to call back on the ‘pipe’ blockage. Early example the new corporateaze—being cheap and uncheerful! ps: might this be some response to reported aussie and kiwi government scrutiny of their highly lucrative roaming rackets.. only asking. eh man! )

Tho there, Mr Joyless Minister – (GR@ MR@rnzn will know what I mean) – is a range-found* model for the taking. May I suggest that instead of coming across extremely rude and domineering in public broadcast that you adopt a mid-range aka ballpark figure in financial answers to senior journalists at least. Ranged budgetary-type figures turn you into a wonk at best and highly uncertain ( as to allocatable income ) at worst. Needless to say I am inclined to view what you had to say and the manner of its saying in the latter category. Can do better—and I have known much better from you—kindly do so!

* not bound since time has an infinity aspect in certain don’t ask don’t tell offices.

Of course, it is always possible that stirrings and happenings in those northern constituencies have been at play.. along with institutional spokes and lobbies and blah blah. Fraying the nerves. wrinkling the keys.. and so.. for whom the bell must toll gets a play.. Which is to say the media-bearing ill-omened messages as they do gotta take stick from da sticka officials .. will suffice their need for public distraction. Adding this, you understand, to suggest no one overlook the ‘sweetheart deals’ – whether non-prosecution or high life retained post-politics – to have gone with such wonderful endearments to-and-fro the coupdicks..

interesting perhaps would be knowing whois putting le New in the News..

now to my recline… and a good book.. mebbe a good earful.. in a day or so..

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