Update 1: bond biz

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Had a guy say for $25K China can sell 20mn cars doing 350miles per charge..? Do I see Toyota letting that happen overlong?

Whaddya say.. Bill et all.. let’s hear it then!

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That Bond biz..

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Lotta talk circa bonds on kiwi these days. Eh Bill?

No surprise with japanese 10 year paying 1.11 percent. Yep, their QE is a big help, but that’s not your worry.. is it? Likely what is, tho not so much for kiwis, is manufactured price falls. April being a turnup month and all.

John T tells me investors could ETF in for a bigger recovery there mid (northern) summer. ETF is no big risk in case things take a little longer. Watch Toyota, maybe Canon too, he says.. those supply lines are coming back real quick I’d add. And energy-efficient models are strong demand stateside… = buck backing up.. okay.

for everyone else: sorry about this yammer, but with meta 2 due I thought I’d mention an old buddy who says he can help with the material.. another John boy would you believe.. looks like a commenter approach on here.. at least that way I can keep him arms length.. yeah, you’ll see why..

see you soon..

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Meta and Material: 303

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A graduate course in as few a lessons as I can make it, via this blog. Learnings, leanings and laffs included. Enjoy!

Basmati rice will undergo a mypreference treatment in the next wee while. Mainly because I’d like to walk myself and my readers into its staple food significance. For Asia and the world. As well as littul ould me.


Earlier in May, the US pharmaceutical lobby called on its trade negotiators to include changes to Pharmac in the talks.
A fortnight ago, the US Trade Representative’s office for the first time included New Zealand in a list of countries with poor intellectual property protections.
That report labelled Pharmac as a hurdle for US pharmaceutical companies selling to New Zealand.

In the same link you will also discover the commentable PM Key saying:—

“New Zealand won’t sign up to an agreement unless it believes it’s overall in New Zealand’s best interests to do so.
“There will always be some give and take in every agreement and every relationship that we have.”

Agreement..? Hey, what had I missed? Had my favorite news outlet let me down.? I wondered.. and what such comment must pass high-level kiwi lips in terms of “overall” and “give and take” and non-elite expressions etc. And then well, some trade-off could be in the offing.

Was that a clue — trade? Okay, so what ranks high-level trade..?? WTO (World Trade Organisation and, as at least one kiwi hath found regarding WTO — lasciate ogui speranza, voi ch’entrate )*

But wait, hadn’t the Doha Round stuttered and stumbled to a stop! What then…Ah yes, well mebbe, the bilateral NZ/US trade wannabe.. ?

Then again how about the Transpacific Partnership (TPP)..? [ H/T: USTrade Rep. Hon. Ron Kirk, who back in 09 pointed out PBO’s vision in pursuing better trade than strictly through the WTO. More grassroots and up stuff ]

Which if you happen to be a meta-thinker — loosely means ( there’s enough lingo-learning in here for one day!) the inside story — suggests some pushing and shoving is going on between the absolutelies@WTO and anythingspossible@TPP.

Small aside for its amusement: didn’t you always wonder why a commendable PM Key holidayed Hawai and came back to appoint the above-latinated Mr Moore, a former WTO ceo and kiwi Opposition Party leader to Ambassador for NZ in Washington.? An offer long-sufferers would not refuse. Masochistic more than sadistic—Nay! Simply laffable.

So here we are at the absolute vs anything battle.

The quote above of PM Key fits the deliberate language looseness used by members of the latter. And, illustrating the former we find labellers – in this case of Pharmac – unwilling to lift their game and/or grant intelligent exceptions because of one law for all rules. All games. On all fields. Bugger the players!

tbc …

Next: moving through to the local referee conference, as it were, wherein bright concern for the aforementioned players hath been conducted though lacking insights from all sides.. I’ll address several of those..

ps: passing shot (I must unto the weekend hasten) is from John T who writes re a new World Bank Report. Concern is expressed there about the buck’s slide, he says, but his clip had a good deal more relevance and merit. Here tis:—

The greenback will be replaced by a multi-currency system made up of the dollar, the euro, and the Chinese renminbi. The evolution will be driven by a sharp rise in third party international trade, direct investment, and mergers and acquisitions. Global multinationals based in the developed world will play a diminishing role on the world stage.

[ my highlighting – which is to say how those seers of absolutely are on notice – impending advice: be aware and careful of your partners in any PPP standup. mebbe they’ll be needing you more than you’ll be needing them 🙂 ]

* all hope abandon ye who enter here, literally.


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Inter Alia: Matters Meta and Material..

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Keeping Body and Soul together…

Last week was about the Budget.. wasn’t it just guys? This week was about… actually a number of things.. but it occurs to me that it was not about what it should have been about… and yep, a lot of that lies in backstory from the week before last.. y’know another one we did not hear about.. And likely because someone and others figured better business from non-public disclosure.

And no, I’ m not being unkind with that remark, because if kiwis were among those others it is more than likely they were under orders, so to say, not to disclose… under negative leverage. Imagine!

And if you can’t or won’t imagine the scenario on that mebbe my upcoming blog in several parts about a strong liking for basmati rice is the one really useful thing to have you follow the missing mojo-makers newswise this past wee while.

In between times bright sparks might care to get started on how basmati rice relates to pharmac and the leverage leaners in back of this topic this week. Pointer to this end/start— useful topical coverage by RNZ’s News teams. Online and poddie available from there

Cheers for now..

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Excellent Piece..

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wherein you will discover devious derivative operations – pure gold on time-spreads – why the current Congress would seek to budget constrain the regulatory CFTC for such markets, and for those somewhat more interested in the HR side one or two noteworthies in performance of duties.

H/T: Such readability from Reuters

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Committed: updater..

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I had a likely story of the US Federal Trade guys prosecuting a scam whose victims included kiwis.. online ops.. weight loss etc.. could be a useful story for RNZ output.. the link is FTC and backup via the consumer site walletpop..


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Update 1: Committed Omits..

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Dave asks if my “belief” thing is about the Rapture..?

My immediate thought was get a life buddy! Tho, since there’s a heap of yak about so-called end-times and Comings, I suppose I could have been more explicit. To wit, I was referring to LESS, ie economic less. aka austerity-inline.

Hey, this is no wise like an Azolla Event – go Google this huh – so I’ll add how Metcalf @ Verdantix in London figures 2013 the booster year.. Here tis:—

“For large companies, with annual revenues of more than $1 billion, in Australia, North America, the UK and the US, spending on these [ strategic sustainability ] programmes will reach $60 billion, the London-based research house estimates…

“By 2013, a powerful mix of market drivers, led by the forecasted global economic rebound, will significantly increase strategic investment in sustainability programmes. The arrival of the 2013 tipping point will be good news for cash-strapped clean-tech innovators and struggling sustainability entrepreneurs.”

Austerity-inline is thusly interim and the sooner enzed sets itself aright ( Forthright Bill’s strong assertion as ‘back-to-the-black’ or something close to that ) the better the prospects of taking part.

Of course, clean tech take-up will still be the specific.. and IMO the tipping point of energy investor bucks circa 2013 will need a better kiwi showing that appears presently..

ps: Let’s say I could live with the guy from Birkbeck College Kim interviewed Saturday. The simpler the better. Philosophy, pre-Greeks and all of that. Though I have to say I’m a Johnist. Verse 1 pre-its first period. Cannot be simpler than that!


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