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May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment


I suppose I should preface any apols due for not getting on to the matters at hand, said Imho yesterday. Adding, for himself, how those matters are serious and deserving remarkable and reliable inputs onto his blog.. aka if not possible then simply said: non possible!

Visiting he was and too concerned to help out in the impending disaster phase than return to a lonely sojourn – silent it would seem, too. Is that the msge, chris, be still and know… or silence is golden… or mebbe we’ll get time to ask about the.. whoever.

Y’see I had just begun loosening bottom screws from a small metal clad building midweek.. a call rang out across the yard .. and I was off to answer it. Imho, I’d no sooner said than one heck of a clatter came upon us. Rising wind had entered the empty space and lifted those walls like a couple of butterfly wings. Greeting my alarm the roof went up, too…

Whatever, some jobs just have to be done. Six hours til dark, six hours to take the whole thing down, else tie it down overnight..

And all when both of us would normally be giving time to R&D and developments as they were happening..

That said, and possibilities negated as mentioned, the next course of action was to fix the floor before weekend rains..

Hence what we did.

It is raining out there right now.. so when the kiwi weather guys put it together they are more usually right on these days. BTW I heard Jim Salinger is likely touring with James Hansen the next wee while.. Could be good… mebbe the don brashing guy will look in on the great and good instead of attempting hog the media heads his sadly-framed ambitions of heading up the all-right – we luv autocrats – peripheral party.. so well done the lady whose persistence found his shrill.. hinting at the neo-red stateside ‘unhinged’ tag. Hey, don, did I enjoy that. From around I see punters clamoring for more.. more.. 🙂

So.. to the Checkpoint lady tonight.. and Mark Willersee’s(?) Fukushima coverage with mention big caesium-134 leakage from one of the reactors there. It could be worth checking that isotope for sure.. this link will assist understanding. Try for a take on half-life — the 134 not so bad..(even if big vols) – so long as they can try contain most if not all its solution..

Remembering how it comes from caesium itself. Spent fuel rod loss and actual rod meltdown is another thing entirely.. but do take a read.. and mebbe follow through… bcos big implications can follow.. okay.

So.. sorry.. time to go again… the rains’ set in and covers needed..

Have a good weekend, I’ll be thinking of you..

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