Update 1: Committed Omits..

May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dave asks if my “belief” thing is about the Rapture..?

My immediate thought was get a life buddy! Tho, since there’s a heap of yak about so-called end-times and Comings, I suppose I could have been more explicit. To wit, I was referring to LESS, ie economic less. aka austerity-inline.

Hey, this is no wise like an Azolla Event – go Google this huh – so I’ll add how Metcalf @ Verdantix in London figures 2013 the booster year.. Here tis:—

“For large companies, with annual revenues of more than $1 billion, in Australia, North America, the UK and the US, spending on these [ strategic sustainability ] programmes will reach $60 billion, the London-based research house estimates…

“By 2013, a powerful mix of market drivers, led by the forecasted global economic rebound, will significantly increase strategic investment in sustainability programmes. The arrival of the 2013 tipping point will be good news for cash-strapped clean-tech innovators and struggling sustainability entrepreneurs.”

Austerity-inline is thusly interim and the sooner enzed sets itself aright ( Forthright Bill’s strong assertion as ‘back-to-the-black’ or something close to that ) the better the prospects of taking part.

Of course, clean tech take-up will still be the specific.. and IMO the tipping point of energy investor bucks circa 2013 will need a better kiwi showing that appears presently..

ps: Let’s say I could live with the guy from Birkbeck College Kim interviewed Saturday. The simpler the better. Philosophy, pre-Greeks and all of that. Though I have to say I’m a Johnist. Verse 1 pre-its first period. Cannot be simpler than that!


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