Inter Alia: Matters Meta and Material..

May 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Keeping Body and Soul together…

Last week was about the Budget.. wasn’t it just guys? This week was about… actually a number of things.. but it occurs to me that it was not about what it should have been about… and yep, a lot of that lies in backstory from the week before last.. y’know another one we did not hear about.. And likely because someone and others figured better business from non-public disclosure.

And no, I’ m not being unkind with that remark, because if kiwis were among those others it is more than likely they were under orders, so to say, not to disclose… under negative leverage. Imagine!

And if you can’t or won’t imagine the scenario on that mebbe my upcoming blog in several parts about a strong liking for basmati rice is the one really useful thing to have you follow the missing mojo-makers newswise this past wee while.

In between times bright sparks might care to get started on how basmati rice relates to pharmac and the leverage leaners in back of this topic this week. Pointer to this end/start— useful topical coverage by RNZ’s News teams. Online and poddie available from there

Cheers for now..

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