That Bond biz..

May 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Lotta talk circa bonds on kiwi these days. Eh Bill?

No surprise with japanese 10 year paying 1.11 percent. Yep, their QE is a big help, but that’s not your worry.. is it? Likely what is, tho not so much for kiwis, is manufactured price falls. April being a turnup month and all.

John T tells me investors could ETF in for a bigger recovery there mid (northern) summer. ETF is no big risk in case things take a little longer. Watch Toyota, maybe Canon too, he says.. those supply lines are coming back real quick I’d add. And energy-efficient models are strong demand stateside… = buck backing up.. okay.

for everyone else: sorry about this yammer, but with meta 2 due I thought I’d mention an old buddy who says he can help with the material.. another John boy would you believe.. looks like a commenter approach on here.. at least that way I can keep him arms length.. yeah, you’ll see why..

see you soon..

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