Political algorithm is IT

June 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’d guess the guy most able and willing take-up this offer would be Colin James – oldie and goodie, rather than ‘goodness me!’ – on RNZ’s MR this morning, who happened mention politicians in Old Left(?) and New Left(..??) terms.

The offer then : go figure a set-up like this one and stats based in algorithmic independence to graficate [ 😉 ] the dynamic duo of leadership and ideology..

Yep. I realise the US is different to kiwi, but the semblance of US currently performing in kiwi might suggest an impending appropos

ps: else: — letting the guys know TL is on the job, not slacking offa me and my jibes.. [ which kinda says from what I’m hearing he’s ignoring them… hoping o’ course they come on back to bite me.. thing is that’s unlikely bcos I have a stake in W-sword and no way do bites get through.. 🙂 ]

pps: bill, savvy futuring … mebbe, however, telling wronguns ta premium next time, humn. Yeah, if they read this or figure themselves for themselves then itull play underlying guy in another word.. best.

ppps: [ last one, I promise] : top transport zero. Well done!

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