Where there is sod there is value..

June 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

… might well be the title of this piece on a blog such as this.. Take a look for yourselves in this clip:—

“We looked at three alternative approaches to full public service provision; from the outsourcing of public housing to community housing associations and public private partnerships.

“A key feature in all three models was realising the value of public land holding, by creating high quality higher density housing, in urban areas adjacent to supporting infrastructure. “

So saith a collaboration of kiwis and aussis in Melbourne under aegis Australian Trade Commission in Melbourne..

Aucklanders gotta mention, some o’ their council guys too, govt gotta mention – no names no pack drill! – others and all supposedly brimming with/from the trip.

S. Islanders? – no I didn’t see any .. o’ course ChCh is a special wait and see case right now.. still canty/otago/southland/marlboro surely sent someone..?

BTW: He’s up there and sorting me. Gee, the way he takes a jibe sure does face-me–off. So I’m wondering exactly where he’ll align to me here.. take a look huh, what do you think.

with luck I’ll have time for a couple of shots at Medicines NZ this week.. keep fingers crossed.. and their minds open to better prospects w/o the prior c-rxp..

ps: the DW question: answ: is, troo and it’s about cats—you know about cats?— and if not concert sunday 20.00 hrs could have several bows to interest you.. I’m hoping for a good bruch.

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