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June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today’s blog is not as I’d wanted it to be. ie Fullsome. So as to backup my characterization of Medicines NZ as ‘slight’ along with their ‘campaign’ with agent mu@sul.co.nz. Catchups—see last blog in series.

The cards were coming right and shuffling into a sensible order, so to say, when the danse macabre of yesterday came over your blogger and rendered a fit of peed off with just about everything!

Anyway, a good night’s sleep – despite one aftershock occasioning my head meets wall incident – and recovery of sorts has been possible. At least to occasion a look what the cat brought in .. 😉

Some truly naughties like..

“Instead of directly lobbying the Government, the embassy was told of plans to agitate patients by providing them with information about drugs that weren’t available. It would “educate New Zealanders.”

Prompting a very reasonable question: don’t New Zealanders like their doctors educating them, then?

And showing how the Medicines NZ CEO admitted how it takes at least two-to-tango tension until “new personalities” in the government reduced this.

Says I: Politics in.. pharmaceuticals supply..Nay, what On earth for! Earth, yep, that would have to be it.. aka global.. and BigPharma’s convergence by merger and acquisition business agenda.. Eh? [ wiki ‘Pfizer’ ] for an excellent illustration of this. Perhaps entirely understandable from their exec pov, but lacking adequate explanation in littul old enzed. Eh folks?

Then the Wow factor! That CEO said the industry had changed from six years ago.


First, I am informed: “Pfizer, which withdrew from RMI early this year [ 2004 ], will oppose free-trade negotiations until the New Zealand government alters some of its policies, especially its patent law and reference pricing.”

I am also informed: Pfizer New Zealand Ltd appears (page 2) as a member company of RMI in its submission to the government’s Health Select Committee per title: Improving New Zealand’s environment to support innovation through clinical trials. Dated April 2010.

And, to hand — the good AG to more than suggest how global reach hath revealing responsibilities, too.

Bottom line being a matter of populus vult decipi*

* The people wish to be deceived.. (interp: statement or question. Whose standard rejoinder in Latin removes all doubt).

Next time: I’ll take a real look at the patent claptrap. Earth and et al allowing of course..

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