June 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Go Pharmac! –

(like the look of 5yr scheduling) and great to at hear of correct private-public partnering. FYI Rog Pilon who worked with Reagan over both potus terms and several others prior, and today aboard the Cato Institute, recently told Matt Stoller – they argue endlessly – how PPP in US infrastructure has worked out a loser. Mainly I guess from need of one party only running the show ]

Go Pink! – Made Public Health sound good and mebbe a retake (sound clip) will be possible..

Go Mora! – that Mike Curtis climber’s moon song could not have been clearer messaging. Tks JM.

ps: whatz the smokeNmirrors about, darling, doug could have been a coptic for all anybody else knew 🙂

pps: there’s a what the cat brought in blog coming right up.. not to be missed!


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