Old Friend New Friend..

June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hath posted his 003

Never heard let alone seen the word, and I’m wondering whether we have a new phenomenon here. And not just in enzed, but ChCh.. and just take a look at the recall..!

Mentionable was a song that played radionz.co.nz just prior to Midday Report, singer a guy called Jeffris (could be Jeffreys) tho I don’t now recall the first name.. Outta NY.. 66 years old, according to his reviewer – was that Chris Burke — how are ye, matey!. Anyway, “streetwise” was a good song with a good and solid catchy beat. Well done!

Gee, cold it was today.. later this winter arrival.. a shocka for all that.. pretty dismal all day tho I’m told up north is also wet. Lie in weather… listen up weather!

What’s for Saturday, darling, should I avoid asking and link through..? would those guest advisories hit the spot in time..? Here’s to being awake.. around 08.00 hrs.. no screeching now… I don’t go for headaches as well as big chill.. well not nowadays..

See ye, hear ye, keep on the good work

ps: there’s been some good news this week.. stuff I like to hear.. business-wise… here’s to more!


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