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Ho, darl, I almost spelled that with a K..

So impressed was I with Saturday’s first guest choice, more especially an author’s* guessing how the fungibility of finances worked up the trillions thriller cloudbanking in the 1970s. Stress timing. Monetarist moguls needed a baseload and if there’s one thing you put down prior to accessing the action.. well that would have to be it. Besides, I am saving you a bundle by telling of the corps-contract.. plan 25 years out. They had gotten it from ruskies who failed in corps-speak because they were dumb enough to order Ten Year Plans.. et cetera.

Smart guy.. yes really! To put it another way – this being the big multinationals’ app from somewhat smaller sovereign wealth flows [ hey, kings and queens go back aways unlike governments which come and go on their own periodic tables πŸ™‚ ]

Anyways, the 70s.. remember the 70s —kiwis don’t answer that—Muldoon was the two of too much for everyone! [ Actually perjjo-the-doc @ our old friend has told of their meeting—”a sharp witty fellow”.. depended on the tipple I’d suppose ]. Thatcher after Heath yet without Mike Joseph(deceased) who had scored the real deal, BUT with Ronnie Reagan playing Guvnor backstop from California and later the White House. Neither of whom ever knew the real deal.

But instead spouted what politicians weren’t gonna do through free markets and trade. World trade. Money flows. In the so-called firmament-speak of the day, cloud-banking—hey bro—whaddya know! Get in, sign the dotted line, and whoopsie away ya go!

Conditional of course. At the table, shoed feet on the carpet never the ground, five, six, seven, eight, nine—however many courses it takes to totally tax-free (hey Mark(agent mu@sul), now here’s a much better use of your colorful, if misplaced, word) “bludging” on everybody else’s community.

* Title = Treasure Islands. Stocking filler.. chrissietime can use a laff.

RNZ’s Country Life hour played 7-8 a.m. One feature being an organic sheep, beef and vegie property near Gore in the South Island. They do a half lamb deal. All cut to leg, chops, rack etc meal items. Supplied by courier from farm gate to customers. I liked the traceability aspect. The idea of knowing exactly where your meat comes from in these otherwise mass-produced times has an appeal. Maybe even enough to, on occasion, afford the $175 delivered tag(~5kgm meat = $35/kgm to my reckoning). If I come across the location any time soon – is there a url ? – I’ll ask perjjo give it a show.. and take the feedback of course—no,no, you don’t tell him this, leave it to me πŸ™‚

Gotta go.. there was something else but I can’t remember what it was.. till next time..

c u — keep on the good work..

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