Consider: update 4

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It just so happened yesterday I’d been informed of Joe Paduda’s confirmation to my earlier blog about the Part D Medicare insertion by President G.W. Bush’s administration 2003/2004 – a political stroke more than social service or care policy since the sole object was to ‘lift’ a strong DNC demographic away from Senator Kerry’s otherwise well-considered challenge to the incumbent in 2004.

And yes, JP came up with this, adding how republicans Boehner, Cantor and others were big fish in pushing Part D back then without any consideration as to cost and ongoing costs.

Next, the question had to be well, for whom the allocations of debt and instigators…?

Lo and behold.. delighted I was to find the NYT at 28/7/2011 had gotten to the same EXPRESSION of INTEREST 🙂

Look for section 2 down the page a bit – parallel bar-type charting. Getting to look at things like this and how Boehner’s feet in The Tea Party’s libertarian lunacy* fire (qv puglies@pugnews) in a day or so – hey I’m sorry but finding time edit to reasonable content is somewhat challenging along with all else right now!) – it is little wonder the Pugs have damn all room to move in cutting their very own pet overspends.

ps: to hand Joe’s blog – 15th July posting… and another one a couple of days later..

sorry this a tad scrappy but I gotta go again..


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Just in from Naked Capital a believable – viz Yves supports argument well with a prior actual example and scenario — alert for kiwis..

… not good news for honest New Zealand investors trying to do a due diligence exercise; nor for the New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development’s reputation, if it has one; nor for the NZ Government’s promotion of igovt.


This is farcical. If, against all the evidence I have accumulated, there really are any NZ authorities who do happen to be mildly interested in preventing their country becoming a one stop shop for financial fraudsters, and who don’t want to just sit and wait for a boatload of fraud cases to hit the headlines, I have more info, and can be contacted via

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Don’t YOU dare…

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… tell me you don’t want a good laugh…


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Consider: update 1 —

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To hand a further Reuters item..

Wall Street banks are preparing for the real possibility that the United States will lose its top credit rating, which they say will cost the country $100 billion in additional interest payments and hurt both consumers and the economy.

You’d guess they don’t like shark-in-the-park status – aka avoidable interest payments from their very own sovereign state. In Afghanistan troop patrols come across roadside IEDs, in Wall Street there are bandits to hold things up.. Hey, nobody likes this.. but interest is paid by the interest payers.. and that could mean Street players more than most others..

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Consider These Things..

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But first, as they say on programmed radio:—

Congratulations to Chris Burke whose history of NZ pop music made him winner of the top Book of the Year Award here. He has been a significant contributor to radio music commentary and production over the years and won’t mind at all my saying on behalf OF also, well done mate! Adding of course: More.. more..

OF has a knack of saying things that strike chords, as it were. Instanced the other day with austerity is bad because it is worsening the debt-to-GDP ratio. At the time a rather obvious anticipation he observed yet met with surprise by others he had assumed held the same view. What were they thinking..? Well, whatever, divers adjustments have been taking place since in the markets.. not least that US corporate stock were overpriced and better balance twixt them and other securities being made.

Which brings me to what few, if any, commentators ought be discussing. Rather than the simple and bland terms of public spending cuts and/or tax increases. The matter of default risk and near-so consequences.

Does not Ratings Agency(To Market, to Market, to buy a fat hen) come to impose an alternative term to tax in downgrading a nation’s credit worthiness. Resulting in increased interest payments. Given that banks are in the business of debt then such methods are readily seen as banks-and/or-investor serving. Whereupon increased incomes or takings are to the advantage of lenders. And I for one thus see why the so-called markets remain “calm” in this matter. Hardball is theirs to own. Though the same cannot be said for Washington politicians’ and officials’ responsibility. Who despite appearances and any amount of denials are effectively playing the game for them via delays.

Of further concern perhaps the fact of public expense “savings” from interest payments against debt. It appears that loss of these sizeable sovereign debt rewards to large investors and banks hath brought forth so-called “inflationary” pressures and stampeding price rises for ordinary folks in groceries, fuels and foodstuffs. Regardless( saith bankmind ) what is lost on the swings can be gained on the roundabouts. Wot!

Ratings Agencies have been before Congress I’m told. And so, according to Reuters News Agency, is due a report on service contracts with the private sector in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. One fact contained therein — $34 billion WASTED.

President Obama and Senate Majority leader Reid for the Dems want out of the wars and waste, but the Congress critter leader Boehner calls their initiative “gimmicks”. Sure, the Budget Office finds these planners both wanting in the calculation department, but gimmicks I don’t think. Do you?

And if you were a US taxpayer finding your dough skewed to tax-like debt impositions because some republicans gotta double whammy of personality and behavioral disorders, then I know whose short term in office I’d pitch for next time around.

Now because I see the cellophane sandwich wrapper approaching I’ll finish this with a thin slice of our** daily bread.

To wit, a somewhat embarrassing revelation for Morgan of UK tabloids fame, now CNN’s face of the infamous as set out by Huffington Post and perhaps a further aid memoire for **Saturday** with Kim whose promo today mentioned I believe tabloids among the troubled.. Extra Extra, Read All About It!

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Getting..: update 1..

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Already WP feed from the US Weekly Standard tells how it was… and, prejudiced as heck itself, exponded:—

Firstly, it’s interesting that most – if not everyone’s – initial thoughts assumed the involvement of Islamic terrorists executing this obviously terrible crime. The Washington Post, citing the Weekly Standard, immediately blamed Islamic Jihadists – if not Al Qaeda, directly – claiming immediately after the attacks, “This is a sobering reminder for those who think it’s too expensive to wage a war against jihadists.”

h/t: bizinsider.

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Getting Everything You wanted.. !?

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Well done that man!

Yet recent re-acquaintance brings things to mind..

1. Radio clips with President Obama talking of “intelligent” co-operation, or was it collaboration? Then but hours later – after a most “warm” Washington obs – we learn of the likely reason the cross aisle duo of Reid/McConnell were replaced in meeting up with the PM. Didn’t Senator Kerry or Dick Lugar mention it? Csarism no secret, as I say, and intelligence is intelligence after all. Global. Can’t have kiwi hi-flyers hiding their light under a bushel. Or even appearing to. Not good for public information not to mention participation. Besides, mebbe a winger was rolling dice. Dirty, off-camera, that sort of thing, and I for one would not want this commentable PM tainted with such likes.

2. From the USCC thing -(warmest tone yet evident) – a question comes up. Telling them yer difficulties with the high kiwi buck has to sweet-talk US exporters. High kiwi bucks incentivize US exports to kiwis. And focus kiwi exporter minds on.. what was it guys? C’mon now, exporters are all the same aren’t they..!

3. Norway. Tut-tut, what a bummer that remark turned out to be… like if it was an example of terrorism then NZ would join with the US against the common foe. ? – was it the right kind of terrorism..? white kid, twisted mind, 9 years screwing up and storing hate from the great right US-Euro-$nark.. gee wasn’t Geoff’s talk with the California guy on MR this morning nicely honed. Msge: some things are worth waiting for.. like whose doing what to whom.. and when.. and why. Instead of beating up on the bland!

4. Good example. Bill English to Mary Wilson this evening—clear as a bell on needed financial change. How many billions busted was that again, BE, did you say 8+ ? Gee, 2012, before full-on law. Then again… (OF, as above, has the answer for this one.)

Wasn’t today an “icing on the quake” – (well done witty critter!) – never seen before around here.. well not in 30 years and 4 or 5 inches deep. Near us a tall bare beech, branches straight up, windward sides caked in snow all the way up.. saying how cold it was and snow-sticky.. then surprise surprise a lot of melt on hard surfaces like roads and sidewalks thru the afternoon. But I see a lophomyrtus bush still domed and for hard freeze-over tonight, air temps way down already.

Stay warm.. whatever.


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