Facing me a mean-looker..

July 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Not a broadfaced kiwi bull, but a black un, wedge-headed.. above this meanie a 4-letter word.

So, saith your Tom, do a google.. after all Chambers(UK) is unobtainable at this time of day/night.. and I haven’t got the patience to run around – except mebbe from a bull – did so when I was 9 yrs old.. and the field was surrounded by high boxthorn… high jumper I found myself to be.. not these days.. Face-off is more like..

So… goog said: “Vero is a Latin word defined as “truth” which is needed in today’s music world. They don’t plan on saving hip hop but saving souls.”

From whence verité, of which I know something else..

But I digress.. Y’see this bull was repeatedly getting a crown of thorns and shook its head to toss the thing off. The action presumably its sole point.. aka not for a black bull a crown of thorns..

whereupon a bull nearer me – brown broadfaced tho by no means open-faced if you follow – took offense.. after calling at the abattoir who mounted a whirring blade our brown determined to back-up to blacko and deliver vero for real…

somehow I think the black un not deaf and once the whirrer is close itull be following the thorns quicker than quick..

not funny, darling, I know. Was never meant to be.. so do forgive me my sin/s.. just that experience teaches one to be most careful ..

Yesterday was spent in what I’ll call the South Island’s up-and-down town. There may be others, but that one was singularly depressing and the day, the whole day and nothing but the day, chill.

That mood stayed most of today, despite temperatures becoming somewhat higher. And then, mid-afternoon, Julian Pecquet@The Hill(Washington) came through… with circuit-breaker domestic debate stateside.., OF (y’know) on the pulse with a littul help from amis..

He had borrowed the bushie bit from me but who cares.. I’ve been borrowing from him .. and the things taught etc … quite awhile. TP/health have ongoing and I can’t help but sense the 4th July was well struck by bright individuals…

gotta go.. again… chill-plus..

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