Before Leaping into 404..

July 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I might as well admit to you, my faithful readers, that 404 needs more time to work-up.. and a couple of confirmations by vacationers..

Meantime several highly informative points of view..

1. Paul Rosenberg would be first to admit that folks here might not like his pov, but it is constructive. And will inform.

2. Naked Capital(qv) has an item said to be a speech by SCJ Scalia on July 4th. Giving a whole new meaning to bodies corporate.. I refer of course to legal meaning – corporates having individual status in the USA whilst considerably more resources and thus influence than citizen Joe – and by which the said Justice finds a disappointed tone at the multi-corporate endeavor during his term @ SCOTUS. Take a look.

So… to hand and result of a Pfizer feedstuff withdrawal — Roxarsone aka 3-Nitro — was added to poultry feed to fight intestinal parasites, improve meat color and ‘plump’ the bird. It is an organic arsenical – related name arsonic acid – and quite stable throughout poultry LIFE cycle. Though not it own lifecycle..

In chicken litter, for example, it can breakdown to inorganic arsenic which concentrates to toxic in groundwater etc. Conditions aiding this breakdown include anaerobic(without air) situations and clostridium presence..

Point of all this is how withdrawal appears applicable US only so far as I know, and already a number of folks are inquiring in respect of /’foreign countries’.

Repeat, there appears no evidence of organic – in human body – breakdown, but an alert looks worthy in regard to gardeners and/or growers at anyrate applying such chicken litter to soils. Assuming roxarsone is enzed poultry feed ingredient..

Manufacturer withdrawal suggests a couldbe serious consequence.. yes.

I see I gotta tidy mention by OF whose blog hit home runs again. And yes, I’ll add how he pointed out I lookover the Pliva case on drug labelling prior to opening the can of worms.. 🙂

Bye for now.

Gee, that’s a cold wind out there.. norrtherlies, didn’t they used to be warmer..? Still, snow is warmer than those straitening frosts of winter.. wot!

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