Fair’s Fair..

July 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wayne Swan, Ozzie Treasurer, has improved some. His articulation to geoffrobinson@MR@radionz.co.nz this morning looked worth every word… being eastward ho!.. the balance in trade nowadays shifting away from Europe and the USA..

We learned that he had been avisiting and talks with Bill English, kiwi Treasurer et al. Did they improve him, or did he improve them..? I kid you not, for BE sounded somewhat more relaxed and in-control than he has hitherto..

BTW G.R. I do not agree that he “attacked” Labor’s latest economic policy notion. Fair’s fair, he merely commented to it saying in effect that they(Labor) had their spin and take in such matters and National had theirs. Sort of take it or leave it. Guess some folks already left it.

But of course Mr Goff(leader) has to attend his party’s constituency.. and if they collect antiques, art and stuff instead of cap-market secs and other divi-paying incomes… well… looking out for your own.. par for his course. Stall setting as it were. We’ll know it it takes more than home-cooked cakes money by November..

Must be a couple at least of cute canarys in radio these days.. ‘Off-label’ huh..? Ketamine.. huh? Horse tranqs.. huh? And only 10 patients.. huh? At one center… huh? Don’t know about you.. or them.. but this already has the look of a neo-history in-the-making..

Racing on, however, is not how one should cover this topic which has a rich meta and materials content. Tho it did induce a shot of hurryup for me.. climbing through the Supremes final gesticulation – arms up, fingers uppermost and extended instead of the words to express WTF have Americans embedded here!—how can we rule for generics, which are the same chemical equivalence as a brand product when the only applicable law relates to brands..

Short answer—cannot! See what I mean… racing has one hit the proverbial brick wall real fast.. OF has it correctly.. Speaking of which he has a couple of site changes.. Merlo joining the team – [ as I’m sure one or two kiwis will recognise from prior covers etc 🙂 ]

Well, time to go… a.m. I’m all ears.. luvly to tune in… let’s hope I still have them after another cold night..

bye for now..

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