The Week that Was..

July 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Welcome to… the week that was.. anyone remember this/that show?

Well, whatever, it was on again last week. Tho hardly satirical.. wot!

For us it started with Kim’s talk to Rupe’s biographer.. and. daily, the breakout began.. Saturday(1), Sunday(1), Monday(2) and this morning.. all the talk re DC’s return from SA in hurryup mode..

Yet, personally, I can recall Rupe’s longed-for downfall in a Melbourne publishing world conversation back in the 70s. Gee, was he glad to get outta Australia!

The news here – nay not woebegone – is about a skill shortage. OF is waiting for his own choice anaesthetist. Ops, he says, especially of a prized nature, cannot proceed w/o ‘the right guy on a bottle’. Hope I’ve gotten that terminology right and the bottle is big and metallic with a gauge on it. North African I understand, this anaesthetist, real whiz. So I guess we’ll see.. whenever..

On the TPP – Johnboy’s up-and-coming – I’m hopeful the FTC under* does not proceed as its initiators would wish. That is entirely to its own advantage. Why? Bad model, bad example, and unexemplary practice.

* under relates to the former World bank practice of there being three written agendas to pass around the meeting table in respect of ticklish and/or troublesome topics. One over the table, one under the table to selected seats and one for the chairperson only.

Given the chance this week I’ll maybe add a blog on the Aussie experience c/o Tom Faunce. I could be a tad dated but nonetheless instructive..

Tyler Cowen, libertarian, Hayekian etc… Had me wonder whether the America he would like to see could ever be what Hayek’s dream Austria/Italy once was. And survive that is to say. Kinda sad that mister H is the best these guys can do when it comes to countering – hey they do counter bcos countering is the name of their game! – Keynes. And hey, so there’s no misunderstanding, mister K didn’t fit my ancient rellies either. Yet one can recognise the right time for people and their ideas.
Both, in my view, gone.

Gotta do better. That’s what. Than what? Answer: than plastic for frosted windscreen scraping..?

Time to go… awaiting.. Gerald S is more lucid than John Le Carré.. more down-to-earth.. more narrative.. his ill-paid scientist at Aldermaston, for example, is entirely believable.. and a tussle with the bank manager who believes nuclear science strictly Cold War white elephant.. is right on. So narrow, so.. business-filtered have things become in society.. you could be right and GS’s long published list a good read.

Gee, I hope I can get back to the blogging task before finishing all those books 😉


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