The Week that Was: Update 2

July 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Is Joe working overtime ? or does the final question he asks here make for constructive input??

H/T: RNZ/Night clips of the UK Parliamentary panel Hearing in Hacking etc.. two things were soon standout..

1. That James Murdoch was gaming the MPs.. his playing field lay between the legal ‘individual’ – instanced by his constant use of “I know nothing.. personally… directly..” and the legal ‘individual’ corporation, instanced with ” the company does ” this or that or that or the other. When, in large part, listeners could only assume meaning to effect the vague company was responsible for what he was not doing—that is overseeing and directing proper and professional process.

2. That Rupert Murdoch, given full access to his own creation as it were, was indeed the fellow who could sort out the News Corp mess. I put it like this because patently evident was his age and how he himself has allowed himself be played. Else his “humbling” was that of a clearcut incompetant. Which frankly I do not believe.

Now because I’d like stay constructive I’d suggest that Rupert Murdoch make it his direct and immediate business to respond in kind to Joe’s question as refered to above. Act of faith. if you like, but a solid start and base for effective action..

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