Thumthing Happened on my Way..

July 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

To the township this morning.. so first up, and for whom it may concern, you have my apols. Won’t happen again, promise.

So.. this thursday.. one thing we have is Pettis arguing at NC among other venues how the trade imbalances evident around the world are really for solving through cuts in consumption by the thriving nations, not back-to-growth-of-consumption among the non-thriving. In a phrase we all suffer from some having too much of a good thing. Seems kinda familiar, tho I don’t see it flying far. Besides, infrastructure almost became an economic ‘externality’ on the 80s neoplan and nowadays one could not pass on it at all.

Sent in as a likely update to a point I made on The Week that Was (Cowen) blog this link relates keenly a world without plastic. A number of his ten items for why so, making immediate sense and appeal. Readers might like challenge on whether they want to remain marketers’ rats, which is what it comes down to today.

Ps: on the bankers’ spend for what was once termed “treating” mebbe the Minister of Revenues (?) or IRD could constructively explain whether or not this amounts to tax-losses.. since I would figure such business expenses are claimed against tax remittance. It may be small, not-at-all, or sufficient to rein-in on efficiency grounds.


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