Getting Everything You wanted.. !?

July 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well done that man!

Yet recent re-acquaintance brings things to mind..

1. Radio clips with President Obama talking of “intelligent” co-operation, or was it collaboration? Then but hours later – after a most “warm” Washington obs – we learn of the likely reason the cross aisle duo of Reid/McConnell were replaced in meeting up with the PM. Didn’t Senator Kerry or Dick Lugar mention it? Csarism no secret, as I say, and intelligence is intelligence after all. Global. Can’t have kiwi hi-flyers hiding their light under a bushel. Or even appearing to. Not good for public information not to mention participation. Besides, mebbe a winger was rolling dice. Dirty, off-camera, that sort of thing, and I for one would not want this commentable PM tainted with such likes.

2. From the USCC thing -(warmest tone yet evident) – a question comes up. Telling them yer difficulties with the high kiwi buck has to sweet-talk US exporters. High kiwi bucks incentivize US exports to kiwis. And focus kiwi exporter minds on.. what was it guys? C’mon now, exporters are all the same aren’t they..!

3. Norway. Tut-tut, what a bummer that remark turned out to be… like if it was an example of terrorism then NZ would join with the US against the common foe. ? – was it the right kind of terrorism..? white kid, twisted mind, 9 years screwing up and storing hate from the great right US-Euro-$nark.. gee wasn’t Geoff’s talk with the California guy on MR this morning nicely honed. Msge: some things are worth waiting for.. like whose doing what to whom.. and when.. and why. Instead of beating up on the bland!

4. Good example. Bill English to Mary Wilson this evening—clear as a bell on needed financial change. How many billions busted was that again, BE, did you say 8+ ? Gee, 2012, before full-on law. Then again… (OF, as above, has the answer for this one.)

Wasn’t today an “icing on the quake” – (well done witty critter!) – never seen before around here.. well not in 30 years and 4 or 5 inches deep. Near us a tall bare beech, branches straight up, windward sides caked in snow all the way up.. saying how cold it was and snow-sticky.. then surprise surprise a lot of melt on hard surfaces like roads and sidewalks thru the afternoon. But I see a lophomyrtus bush still domed and for hard freeze-over tonight, air temps way down already.

Stay warm.. whatever.


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