Consider: update 4

July 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

It just so happened yesterday I’d been informed of Joe Paduda’s confirmation to my earlier blog about the Part D Medicare insertion by President G.W. Bush’s administration 2003/2004 – a political stroke more than social service or care policy since the sole object was to ‘lift’ a strong DNC demographic away from Senator Kerry’s otherwise well-considered challenge to the incumbent in 2004.

And yes, JP came up with this, adding how republicans Boehner, Cantor and others were big fish in pushing Part D back then without any consideration as to cost and ongoing costs.

Next, the question had to be well, for whom the allocations of debt and instigators…?

Lo and behold.. delighted I was to find the NYT at 28/7/2011 had gotten to the same EXPRESSION of INTEREST 🙂

Look for section 2 down the page a bit – parallel bar-type charting. Getting to look at things like this and how Boehner’s feet in The Tea Party’s libertarian lunacy* fire (qv puglies@pugnews) in a day or so – hey I’m sorry but finding time edit to reasonable content is somewhat challenging along with all else right now!) – it is little wonder the Pugs have damn all room to move in cutting their very own pet overspends.

ps: to hand Joe’s blog – 15th July posting… and another one a couple of days later..

sorry this a tad scrappy but I gotta go again..


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