Just in Case..

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I thought you would like to know how you have been playing a blinder this past week or so..

Well done!

Keep on the good work..

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For One thing..

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This item from Reuters brought a smile:—

Higgs boson may be a mirage, scientists hint

GENEVA – Scientists chasing a particle they believe may have played a vital role in creation of the universe indicated Monday they were coming to accept it might not exist after all.

And for another I’m winehousing – the album silly not the lass what dunnit..

And when you are all the colors where he be is the place … which as you’ll know already is coming right … no? Oh well, last clue: remember the wait over a bod in NA..


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And This was Wisconsin..

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Where it now appears the democratic political aspects of democracy in the US aint so bad after all..

Whilst the olde bogies and ancient dodgers are showing all… for ALL to see..

Given the “jobs” a la republican of wannabe Perry(TX) and what you can read here, the plea for growth doesn’t even appear meet regrowth criteria.. still that’s the way they call it.. and all the rest have just gotta fall for it..

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A Good One..

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To say this study useful is to put it mildly.

Stanford’s Beshears and Milkman undertook analysis of stock dealers behavior etc and came up with what I sense is broadly the case for many business and related people in America today..

Take, for illustration;—

The research has broader implications for understanding financial markets. Persistent, widespread over-optimism or over-pessimism by market participants could lead to mispricing of assets, says Beshears. He suggests, for example, that stubbornness contributed to the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Despite initial signs of a weakening real estate market, many analysts, investors, and lenders maintained or stepped up their commitment to housing-related assets, such as mortgage-backed securities. The result: The housing bubble continued longer than it should have, delaying and exacerbating the subsequent bust. Stubbornness, Beshears says, “is one mechanism that might allow market bubbles and crashes.”

And if I be so bold, I’d say how business people and business-oriented people taking an interest in other fields of knowledge bring such attributes to their positions.. instance AGW and Climate Change.. where scientists of my acquaintance have often recognised the stubborness of MORE is BETTER assumptions of denial whilst, unfortunately, having to put up with such prolonging consequences.

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Be Aware Please..

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Nancy Shute @ npr.org blogs:— [ her Health blog, 12/8/11]

People searching for prescription drug information online are being led astray by hackers and redirected to illicit online drug sellers in 1 out of every 3 searches.

… Hackers work the scam by sneaking their own code into a legitimate website. That way the site shows up on a Web search for a prescription drug. If someone clicks on the search listing, it forwards them to an online pharmacy, not to the legitimate site. The owners of the hacked site usually have no inkling their URL has been hijacked.

… Hackers are more apt to choose .edu and .gov websites for these “search-redirection” attacks because they rank at the top of Google searches, and because they are generally trusted sources of information.

Black markets I’ve heard about, shadow banking etc., so now shadow marketing because they can.. !

ps: I might be agin the tide of opinion on caring for youth, but I do agree when it comes to shelling $300-400 to youth and knowing its likely mispend – ie the present system – then what the kiwi PM is saying is different and well worth a look. For the touchie feelies over dictating entitlement pay or not mebbe aged 18 and over (they vote, right?) they get to choose this help or not. It would sure sheet in youth obligations some..

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Doing: update 006

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And while I’m available to respond, here’s why the “butter cow” joke gotta 😉

As political spectacles go, it was hard to look away. The candidates flocked to the famous state fair, with its fried food, amusement rides, its cow carved out of butter and its potential voters.

H/T: Thank you Gwen Ifill(Newshour)

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Doing: update 5

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Whaddyer mean “bs” someone asks..

Here’s your answer, buddy:—

As for the straw poll, let’s quickly dispense with all the requisite caveats. The straw poll, put on by the Republican Party of Iowa the year before the Caucuses in competitive cycles, is primarily a party fundraiser. Tickets, which are required to cast a ballot, cost $30 each. The results are non-binding and largely meaningless in their ability to help predict who will win the caucuses next winter.

H/T: thank you, Newhour.

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