Update: number unknown, but

August 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some place someone said we had a concern about bonds… y’know those fin bonds. Mistaken ID I’d guess.. ie not me.. more likely a bonder holder or dealer etc..

I’m saying this because a fin journo called Solman has been telling all and sundry – and throughout Sunday – how cash has been flung at the B-critters.. tho apparently he aint saying who or whose cash..

Putting him outta the agonies let’s say WE DO KNOW… and when that certain I’ll add how the cash flinging croups are mobilised in certain ways.. which are known and played, too. Though specifically that remains a matter of how one does this.. and not who or anything so straightforward. Whoms.. such an abstract propo..yes?

So the short answer is — the multis—yep, those cash mountain multis. BoL buddy!

btw: there’s whispering about Au – the metal and divers papers.. a too-strong price. IMO.

ps: anyone pick how Bush II shovelled dough at Big Pharma back in the day… to largely enable their move into mega mergers..? – you did, well done you! So when, d’you reckon, was payback time… just a thought 🙂


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