Doing Iowa..

August 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

ELECTABILITY was the buzz word John Ellis@ BizInsider picked up from the Pugs’ primary in Iowa.

Of the wannabe prez candidates who showed up — lightweight Pawlenty, High-T gazer Bachman, olde baggage man Gingrich, and mormon – Corporations are People – Romney – republicans wanted “salience” in conservative candidates’ issue positions, but most of all the one to beat President Obama next year.

Here’s JE:—

In that regard, tonight’s debate probably marks the peak of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign. She may still go on to win the Iowa caucuses. But she lost on “electability” tonight. She needed to raise her game in this debate and she did not. She hit her talking points, but she didn’t show depth. You could almost hear conservative voters saying to themselves: “if Tim Pawlenty can tie her up in knots, imagine what Obama will do.”

Staying out of that imaginary modus, we learned however, how Gingrich delivered on the night, whilst Romney looked best-for-Obama…

But.. hey, waitta minute, can’t go forgetting the guy from Texas – just announced – whose sidedeal included waiting for MB to slip away.. on her very own banana peel. Oops – hello darl – welcome to red bummery!

Thusly, lower cased bye-bye bachman, bring it on Rick Perry, governor o’ the DROUGHT state. Does he eat mormons, or not? Besides, his backer churches are corporations, too.

Exegesis suggests little ems eat anything and the prospect o’ two corporate crocs facing off has gotta be good for… whiter-than-white.. toothpaste. See 😉

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