Doing: update 003

August 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some of the republican party’s prez wannabes met and debated to FoxNews analyst questions at Ames, Iowa, in the week. Doing so because of a straw poll this location puts out by way of a wee political tradition. The poll, o’ course, resulting in winner’s on the night.

Interesting to say the least bcos following the debate those wannabes send their ‘camp’ helpers and harbingers to the State Fair to pitch their tents and graft respective votes. Whose result is now here… before you..

They stack as follows:—

1. Rep. Bachman = 4823 votes
2. Rep Paul = 4671 votes
3. Ex.MN Govnor Pawlenty = 2293 votes
4. Ex.PA Senator Santorum = 1657 votes
5. Ex. Iowa foodchainer Cain = 1456 votes
6. TX Govnor Perry(known non-debater) = 718 votes
7. Ex. Govnor Romney(non-grafter) = 567 votes
8. Ex. House Spker Gingrich(non-grafter) = 385 votes
9. Ex. Utah Govnor Huntsman = 69 votes
10. Rep McCotter = 35 votes.

Big field, lotta Ex., just the one woman (anyone picking how the lasses split?), a whole mini-mountain of bs… and – h/t: TP – the Iowa State Fair Butter Cow is said to have received 3 write-in votes.. šŸ˜‰

Msge for RP: say nothin and you’ll get more votes than serious oppo in Iowa.. say somethin – link – and you’ll make Puglies 004 for your trouble..

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