Be Aware Please..

August 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Nancy Shute @ blogs:— [ her Health blog, 12/8/11]

People searching for prescription drug information online are being led astray by hackers and redirected to illicit online drug sellers in 1 out of every 3 searches.

… Hackers work the scam by sneaking their own code into a legitimate website. That way the site shows up on a Web search for a prescription drug. If someone clicks on the search listing, it forwards them to an online pharmacy, not to the legitimate site. The owners of the hacked site usually have no inkling their URL has been hijacked.

… Hackers are more apt to choose .edu and .gov websites for these “search-redirection” attacks because they rank at the top of Google searches, and because they are generally trusted sources of information.

Black markets I’ve heard about, shadow banking etc., so now shadow marketing because they can.. !

ps: I might be agin the tide of opinion on caring for youth, but I do agree when it comes to shelling $300-400 to youth and knowing its likely mispend – ie the present system – then what the kiwi PM is saying is different and well worth a look. For the touchie feelies over dictating entitlement pay or not mebbe aged 18 and over (they vote, right?) they get to choose this help or not. It would sure sheet in youth obligations some..

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