Needs be Said..

September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Writes Ben Comer @ Pharma Exec blog — “If the pharmaceutical industry hopes to convince the Super Committee, and the American public, that innovative drug prices are justified, it will need to speed up efforts to align positive health outcomes with expensive new products.”

Which basically sets out an excellent and constructive response to US Pharma lobbyists seeking undermine other nations’ pharmaceutical processes etc..

Namely, that kiwis constantly seek betters in health outcomes… whereas US Pharma constantly delivers more and more.. ( more of the same at more bucks ).

BTW: I hear US pharmacy trade groups are onto greater generics promo so as to cut the US Pharma spend, one such proposition being for $100bn over 10 years. This is rated good tho not by Pharma.. well not yet ( yes they can afford it!) Despite this be aware how likely home ‘shortfalls’ will leverage lobbyists into away overhauls.. of pricing etc.

Which you knew of course..

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