A Little Constructive Advice to..

September 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

those clearly in need of it.

Heard today how US Pharma lobbyists have bundled their ‘innovative’ deal with jobs as some kind of sole purpose with which to beat the administration. Yes, responsive President Obama’s announced initiative on jobmaking in the US, and all. But in this case with a bully inference of layoffs if the US Trade Sec doesn’t jump hoops in respect of drugmakers’ intellectual property earning rights on TPP, WTO etc.

Let me be utterly clear about this, those earnings and taken rights have been well-and-truly exploited through the world’s richer nations and at this point further pursuit for just the same or similar returns from other ‘developing’ nations strongly risks diminishing returns. Because, why,? because these countries cannot afford such branding. Nationally.

So.. much more constructive… and very much more innovative.. would be for the Administration to get behind US polysilicon to China.. per:—

Cheap business costs have limits in high-tech sectors like polysilicon production, where quality and innovation are coveted. And it’s one area where the United States enjoys a trade surplus, amounting to $2.3 billion last year for the crucial material — Solar Energy Industries Association

h/t: solveclimate/GTM Research.

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