In Case: part 2: updating..

September 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

H/T Business Insider* we learned how the hots of hurt responded to Wolf Blitzer’s CNN debate this past Monday:—

Audience members at a Republican debate once again cheered for death,

After going crazy for Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s record overseeing 234 executions in Texas last week, the audience at the CNN Tea Party debate Monday night shouted “yes,” when moderator Wolf Blitzer asked Rep. Ron Paul if a sick person without insurance should be allowed to die.

Of course as a medical doctor Rep Paul was forced to wait for the jeering to subside before saying that in his medical career he has never seen someone denied needed medical treatment.

Then, falling back on the clear political tactic of telling them what they want to hear he reeled in a line on the Obama success story – Affordable Care Act (which requires all-patients(partcipants) undertake minimal insurance obligations – that care lay with communities not federal agencies.

Methinks that local community-within-federal agency or aegis is simply too difficult a thing to understand. Especially if the hots of hurt DON’T want to understand this.

* Talking Points Media(TPM) carried the shocker.

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