For Those in Peril..

September 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

On the pharmaceuticals, see..

POLLACK @ NYT has the new grit (adaptive Obama) as opposed traditional POTUS endorsement of bigpharma’s patent driven commercial exclusivity.

Important, I sense, that kiwi commentators be aware of their seeming position on chemical-derived pharmaceuticals like Prozac, Lipitor… and biological protein drugs, referred to as “biosimilars” and made in living cells, like Herceptin, Humira.

For approx 10 years biological drugs have enjoyed no generic competition, overly high-priced developed world free market plays and, since President Bush’s uncosted part D extravagance post-2004, very significant taxpayer allocations per Medicare.

Patent-extension as mentioned by Mr Rosenberg on RNZ’s news bulletin this week relates largely to the former.. viz chemically manufactured products. Whose exclusivity is already longer termed than newer biotech products.(qv links)

Perhaps Mr. Jacobi(?.. NZ/US relations or similar) was alluding to americans need of cheaper products – imported generics being one such possibility tho likely placed behind US chemical generics. Thusly, already existent.

Also possible, however, is a perceived ‘biotech continuum’ insofar as INDIA/CHINA collaborations would make for useful import competition for the otherwise expensive biologic drugs. If so, naughty boy, since nothing could be further from the Obama administration pro-Am truth.

One might even say that so strong is this determination that declared US support for TPP relies in part on belief a possible end-run around WTO might otherwise come into play. BTW such countries displaying independent competitiveness is just cause for celebration!

Mention on the radio of the sooner ‘originator’ drugs enter the market suggests manufacturers – PhRMA and/or its agencies – are in push mode for biotech products – seeking their exclusivity and rewards asap.

Be that as it may, important is that kiwis sort pharmaceuticals into appropriate classes, making clear distinction between chemically-derived and biologically-derived products, recognise existent exclusivities around the globe and pressures upon them, and rather than have drug industry lobby determine NZ’s needs – (high prices could be very distorting and unfair in overall terms) – moderate to a better health overall objective rather than best-for-some pharmaceutical agenda.

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