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Gotten a Daily Telegraph cutout this weekend bcos I’m a firm fan of Matt, cartoonist, a very aptly worded and line-drawn artist. Funny, too.

The particular ‘toon had a train going by at great speed, with a fellow hollering from one of the carriage wound down windows. Labelled above him are the words: Blackberry BREAkDOWN; and below he’s shouting: ‘I’M ON THE TRAIN’

To all and sundry.. of course.. excusez moi, I crackup yet again !!!

Now, this being utter honestly week, I put this in as a foretaste of the HILARITY going right here.. this an offering, as it were, to folks who assert recognition of what sports opponents doing the haka might mean in/to the psychology of a proud gallic mindset.

Yes, de Gaulle had once symbolised this in uniformed appearances.. yes, French militaristic hangovers – (Napoleon et cetera) conserved third military power through the cold war era.. to wit lots of yesses till “Ullo Ullo Ullo” hit our screens and diverted those former, and historical, appeals to the French masses..

Not excusing you understand KQ.. more explaining.. oh BTW my use of ‘gamesmanship’ was never intended to be synonymous with sportsmanship…

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Pertinent positivism’s problem.

Should we say of the All Blacks(NZ rugby team) success a case of King’s Indian (Defense) Declined. Important on this is to realise how the KID is an opening, and white always opens.. risky as I’d said, but promising tactical plays and great gamesmanship..

Which is what both NZ and France(in alternative white colors) delivered through to the end.

I’d like to add that France in this game were the making of true world champions. Anything else would have amounted to lesser attainment.

Well done New Zealand! Well and truly deserved, And OVER.

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Updater: Tonight, Tomorrow

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Reliant on sound and a fading memory —

(more honestly someone who would sooner forget the guy Milton Friedman who as much as anybody was another American “excuse-maker”* for what Nixon/Kissinger did to Chile back in the day) I took the name of Thomas Friedmann incorrectly in the above blog. Believing there to be some new wrinkle in the fellow’s past by which ‘his’ thinking continued serve contemporary American conservatism.

So, to journalist Tom, whom I often read @NYT, and Saturday host, Kim, my apols,

The mistake relied overmuch on the thoroughly implemented policy in post-70s US governance of IRONY. Whose root lay in the so badly taken loss of that same era in Vietnam. That only a charmer, President Reagan, could bring back these disunited states. In doing the opposite of what you say you can also attain the opposite of what you intend. Result: CONFLICTED IRONY.

IMO what we see as overt partisanry in these times seated its psychology in such loss of esteem. Excepting one pathetic Reagan foray and an americanized brit Iron Lady’s SA belligerence, Iraq and Afghanistan amount to replays. For so-called bigger boys.. with bigger.. plays.

But the lives.. the lives… all those returned-in-hiding body bags… what were THEY thinking?

* Used by James Rubin I believe in Tom’s collected commentaries entitled Longitudes and Attitudes.

As I listened to the recorded interview this morning the author’s passions were well heard and clear, though no longer so commendable. Positivism is played out when its realisations for price in the markets, war-by-any-other-means, and egos are known.

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Tonight, Tomorrow, and Sunday

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Three wishes, rather than coins (in the fountain):

Tonight — here’s to bronze all round!

Tomorrow: Judging from Kim Hill’s promo we appear about to learn how US economist, Thomas Friedmann, spieled the undermining of America-in-the-World by its own ambitions to command that world by globalisation. Could be a real relational item. Remembering, as we do from a French thinker of note to RNZ’s overnight host this week, Lloyd: “Morals is not preaching, it is beauty of a rare kind.”

Sunday — Tis Blacks vs Bleus (or white) — NOT, repeat NOT, black-and-bleu!! Showcase, nothing less now..

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Just a Thought..

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With decidedly practical applications if the science fits..

Just in — More stormy weather forces another halt to efforts to pump oil off a leaking cargo ship grounded off New Zealand’s coast.

The Rena..huh?

So my thought is what is likely to happen if – and if possible – say a ton of dry ice (solid CO2) or more was added to those viscous fuel tanks..?

I admit I’m guessing here, but the prospect of making that stuff so viscous or immobile or solid could sure go aways in reducing tank rupture and/or accidental environment risk… and if the backend sinks with the worst case scenario coming about then ‘solid greasy’ to a robotic or submarine bucket excavation would be more feasible than what we already know is a too tough and long call on the surface.

Whatever, best of luck, guys.! I know you could use it.

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More than Gold..

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Yesterday I’d played the folklorist’s card – of what was worth more than gold — a secret n’er told.

This morning, and I have to tell you I had neither time nor intention to make this comment, something remarkable aired on RNZ’s morning show.. in the matter of Steven Axelrod(former US Fed) telling all the ‘more than gold’ value. Contained in his phrase DEBT LEVERAGE.

Compulsion can trump both intention and time, which is my excuse for now doing this. Tho it will be short, confined to what that phrase actually means. Namely, debt-on-debt… as opposed the more usual debt-on-asset.*

SA arrived there through his “suitability” criteria for those taking loans, and, impliedly, lack thereof by those making them.


Anyone out there recall Jubilee 2000 and its aim to have banks negate African debt by that year? On the ChCh scene, there was even a guy in a cathedral who had gotten up to ask the Bishop’s guest how much of the indebted nations’ debt was actually compound interest? Or (in this fellow’s view I was to learn) debt-on-debt levied long term to account proud or prejudiced peoples’ unpayable enslavement.

Twas always a disappointment for me to have heard the speaker retort that he was a man of the cloth not an accountant. Rather than indulge moral considerations for which he was amply qualified his behavior – unknowingly IMO – helped retain the screen behind which financial appropriations oft amounting to extortion continue.

* Charging interest on a bank depositor’s loaned asset is one thing; charging further interest repeatedly on the bank’s unpaid interest something else. Lost or losable distinctions is doubtless one of the reasons SA prefers the term “liquidity”.

So.. well done RNZ for yet again enabling expertise express significant things of importance to us all.

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What Can I Say..?

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Sound broadcast was scratchy.. distant.. listening through a heap of crowded frequencies.. off the spot just a teeniest and.. what you hear is all you get.

So yes, through the traffic and noise I just about heard the game Sunday. Likewise Saturday. That being the first semi-final of 2011’s Rugby World Cup whose challenge matched program of 20 or so national teams in New Zealand was headed to the final next Sunday at Eden Park in Auckland.

Games Wales vs France; a parfait of NZ vs Australia following the next night.

Folks don’t need me to restate what happened.. judging from subsequent broadcasts the whole darn world would know all by now. So I’ll say it this way: the final shall be between a team which bested its opponent on the night, and a team which did not.

Emboldening the bester’s fans to the point of utterly predictable success whilst leaving the other team intact with its unpredictability.

As for post-match commentary I’ll admit to incredulity at one remark. Was that really the neat sports reporter I once met at his home on a summer’s Saturday afternoon? Back then ‘boot on the throat’ – Milz & Abu Ghraib language – would not have entered his head. So why now, K! What changed?

To the bold I say: be aware the King’s Indian Defense

Came across it recently when Patterson/Gross prologued a commercial fiction with a father teaching his son across the board how a commanding white center wasn’t all it was cracked up to be when the crux was chess endgame.

What that has to do with commercial fiction is a matter of cleverness, and/or style. In the prologue we can be sure its presence is to set the tone. Perhaps also method. To a plot’s fruition.

To the curious, as yours truly, my initial thought related to self-promotion as American covers aimed at international readership are wont to do. Likely a promo of Grandmaster Reshesky’s bishop variation in the King’s Indian. On reflection I decided no, the book’s talk of blocking a queening pawn’s play being too far-fetched. Americans do enjoy sharp plays and tactical advantages, but they hate losing[ witness secret*** TPP documents ] and such exchanges as real middle games produce run out 50/50 win/loss. To wit, too many unknowns to go figure outcomes.

*** known only unto themselves. For, as the lore goes, what is worth more than gold—why tis a secret n’er told!

But what of other openings: Classical with Benoni, Grunsfeld? ‘Hypermoderns’ ? Mebbe a set piece—Tal had a couple o’ big ones in strategy-leaning plays.

None, I now suspect: more a statement: author’s statement: that one can undermine commanding or fortress positions and level the playing field, as it were, by having one’s opponent come to you.

In which, and certainly an intrigue in the Judge and Jury title, the command undermined itself. Not least in the sloppiness of so-called support. As the means to stun and nullify a constant threat was resolutely applied.

What Can I say..? To answer my own question: cool it kiwis. it aint over till it. is. over.

Your team is deserving.. of you too.

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