Updater: Tonight, Tomorrow

October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Reliant on sound and a fading memory —

(more honestly someone who would sooner forget the guy Milton Friedman who as much as anybody was another American “excuse-maker”* for what Nixon/Kissinger did to Chile back in the day) I took the name of Thomas Friedmann incorrectly in the above blog. Believing there to be some new wrinkle in the fellow’s past by which ‘his’ thinking continued serve contemporary American conservatism.

So, to journalist Tom, whom I often read @NYT, and Saturday host, Kim, my apols,

The mistake relied overmuch on the thoroughly implemented policy in post-70s US governance of IRONY. Whose root lay in the so badly taken loss of that same era in Vietnam. That only a charmer, President Reagan, could bring back these disunited states. In doing the opposite of what you say you can also attain the opposite of what you intend. Result: CONFLICTED IRONY.

IMO what we see as overt partisanry in these times seated its psychology in such loss of esteem. Excepting one pathetic Reagan foray and an americanized brit Iron Lady’s SA belligerence, Iraq and Afghanistan amount to replays. For so-called bigger boys.. with bigger.. plays.

But the lives.. the lives… all those returned-in-hiding body bags… what were THEY thinking?

* Used by James Rubin I believe in Tom’s collected commentaries entitled Longitudes and Attitudes.

As I listened to the recorded interview this morning the author’s passions were well heard and clear, though no longer so commendable. Positivism is played out when its realisations for price in the markets, war-by-any-other-means, and egos are known.

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