Updaters continued..

October 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Gotten a Daily Telegraph cutout this weekend bcos I’m a firm fan of Matt, cartoonist, a very aptly worded and line-drawn artist. Funny, too.

The particular ‘toon had a train going by at great speed, with a fellow hollering from one of the carriage wound down windows. Labelled above him are the words: Blackberry BREAkDOWN; and below he’s shouting: ‘I’M ON THE TRAIN’

To all and sundry.. of course.. excusez moi, I crackup yet again !!!

Now, this being utter honestly week, I put this in as a foretaste of the HILARITY going right here.. this an offering, as it were, to folks who assert recognition of what sports opponents doing the haka might mean in/to the psychology of a proud gallic mindset.

Yes, de Gaulle had once symbolised this in uniformed appearances.. yes, French militaristic hangovers – (Napoleon et cetera) conserved third military power through the cold war era.. to wit lots of yesses till “Ullo Ullo Ullo” hit our screens and diverted those former, and historical, appeals to the French masses..

Not excusing you understand KQ.. more explaining.. oh BTW my use of ‘gamesmanship’ was never intended to be synonymous with sportsmanship…

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