Bad Looks.. and Books

November 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Airwaves had radio news outputs convey a real bad look to Leader of the Opposition’s faltering reply on the PM’s adroitly terse ‘show us the money’ ( alluding to a so-called ‘hole’ in Labor’s projected costings for policy-based governance ) during this Election Campaign’s leadership debate in ChCh last evening.

Without an equally adroit reply Mr. Goff would always need play on the backfoot. Frankly, front foot, is where it has to be.. now… as forever… so IMO better see to it.. or forget it

That said, and what prompted this particular blog, was another bad look, though distinctively pertinent illustration of another set of book(s).

Page 28, already chapter 3, and endpage thereof from American Burke’s – lolly* to the first correct title received —

“His face transformed itself into the smiling, disingenuous countenance that all dishonest people know how to affect, the light in his eyes deliberately unfocused, the lips parted solicitously.”

Juxtaposing itself upon an image of the PM stooped beside a well-dressed girl student in a local paper whose countenance and expression fit this description.

Thusly, folks of a knowledge economy would reasonably ask for better. Brighter.

Not smug mug.. nor for that matter selective stock shots.

* ( Clues: color, a stick, a way, 3 words)

Been resting up some.. to workup something new.. novel.. needed. Days away..

C U soon..

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