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November 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last first:—

Andy Haldane – here (hattip-IF) – obliges the question of how come banker people can stick around on such big bonuses despite everything including custard results? In a nutshell it is because they are mostly compensated(paid) on a basis of return-on-equity, NOT return-on-assets. AH has several illustrations of this for you to look over.

Now for the – it’s my pleasure to mention them – hearing highlights this past week or so. Beginning with RNZ’s Concert programme wherein a Wellington-based organist* showed substantive mastery of the pipes with his rendering Tchaikovski’s Romeo & Juliet — and not so much later on, Jimmy Smith playing one of his fast frolics – Sunday evening I think it was, the show host using the item as filler-to-the-news..

* name sounded like beginning with ‘M’ – sorry can’t come up with more – but certainly pretty versatile over several different organs..

There was a third ( Basin Street blues? ) instance – was it organ recital-time last weekend? – tho I cannot now recall the programme – mebbe Jim Sullivan’s “New Zealand the Way We Were” or perhaps later Saturday with Peter Fry. Pretty good I thought at the time, sorry detail escapes.. 😉

As for wit, elsewhere, but memorable was the reverso quip whereby Jim Hopkins (hosting a show) chastised himself to NOT introduce Russell Norman as the ‘green leader of the joint party’. [ RN, as we all know, actually a joint-leader of the Green Party ].

On the Election, if it helps, I’d invite some of the guys to keep in mind the voters last time, who likely pitched for change bigtime only to find internal (qv earthquake) and external ( recessionary ) conditions come along and get in the way of any decent progress. Unreasonable assertions today with pertinence back then will cost such asserters what they cannot afford to lose.. confidence of the people affected. Think on, is my advice, if you plan on persuading with a view to staying around..

Chasing snitchers out of the newbie presently… sadly slowing, haven’t found a way of stopping more arrivals..

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