Lullaby of Birdland..

November 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Morning has Broken
Blackbird has Spoken
Like the First Bird …

Singing how kiwis appear to have lost clear markers of what is what.. in and for their General Election Campaign 2011.

No, not talking tape, or “covert recordings”, or what’s innit, what issent, that’s over to the authorities.. now!

Am talking judgement, in respect of which supposed authority has come to dictate what kiwi voters shall think without itself first setting example. Leadership.

Result of the kerfuffle is that among above-average Aves the overall electorate’s determination is between the I-and-myty principals of i-parties and more communal democratic principles.

Blackbird listened. This one can because born with a short beak defect he takes too much of the family’s time finding grub to grow on, so siblings get a go. BB’s on comms. First attribute a keen listener.

First listen: the PM telling journos “I think this is (serious)… my view is..”

Bird talk:

Is the I personal..? — Is the my personal..? individual, legal individual thattis.. or Prime Ministerial.??? — Commander-in-grief stuff? — Yersh! Gotta point there BB — Whaddat ? — Law’s personal.. re rights.. to personal privacy, see — ministerial is ministerial — meaning it aint personal? — See what I mean? They do it on the job, all day, every day, paid more to do more, gettit? — Look, we could squawk all day and only end up with supper from BB. Ministers get more ta give more..

[ BG: BB figured hearing a minister on this.. waited for the boomer for transport with a gal’s name because round here folks reckon a road bridge on the local highway has gotten the best surface its ever had, making for less bump-roused roosts in the night, less wear and tear tires, springs and longer life vehicles with fewer bills—as far as all concerned meaningful sustainable VALUES to trump paperweight “cost/benefit” $ pro-and-con blah blah]

Second listen: the minister of transport pertinently answering the-mister-in-between on radio’s MR this morning: No. Look, “the PM ” has …


Not I – not (for him) sensibly possible: not my – again not (for him) sensibly possible: but PM — definitively ministerial of the first kind.


Something or others have gotten misplaced and badly used here: what is serious about it amounts to more than the D-word in the john in Auk land. And misuse of the kiwis’ proxy. It adds from the fact of the presumption that meeting a non-parliamentary private citizen allows the top parliamentary office holder to shed public responsibilities and obligations attendent that Office.

Bottom line: Shall the I-and-myty princi-pals be allowed dump democratic principles.. With impunity??

Watch this space..

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