Missed moments..

November 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Doing what IMHO bloggers do here is a personal reflection on behalf of a moneymaker with a 3-letter lead in a lot of gardens around the place. Presently wears a brilliant green smile, yet could blossom for knowing what was missed in the moments before this.

I just got back into the house in time. Time to miss the front part of something ending with “Heads”. Coming up on radio. Yep, that radio, that station which most days has gotten to grace this personal space. Rather than others.

Does this missed moment thusly amount to the toss of a coin; loss of a body? Putting but two possibilities into mind. To play one off against the other. On this most dull and drizzle-led morning.

Talking o’ bets I can’t say with any enthusiasm whatsoever that the guy on about ipredic (tive ?) knew a whole lot. Yeah, sure, the ‘trading’ moved things along. But for whom. ? Mebbe the more persistent ‘trader’ for a likely one-off result.

Or er.. am I being churlish to suggest how a guy does it for the money and fingers the operator creaming all-and-sundry. Most other points made — incl. static, or spot, polls needing compensate for no-vote ‘participants’ — gee when toast is toast aint that one roast! — hence don’t compare are hoggie washie. Why would they want to compare? So – (yes James as a frequent user I’m happy for you to point this wee word out) – putting the GBShaw foremost my message to cruddy buddy@ipredic (tive) is money makes money. That’s all.

To those seeking greater expertise I’d ask whether they would constructively cane history by framing a specific and plot its moving average(1) over a longer time, and (2) likewise shorter time with greater frequency. By which results one might at a mere glance discern an overall trend AND its likely cause.

Next up I’m hoping delve into the whatsnot on the table. Politically-speaking. On the day figures but definitely off table-setters’ agenda. By such honest-to-goodness means is democracy rebuilt. Hand on the flag I would openly declare: what trust is one who would not serve peers with a straight look in the eye. And a steady voice.

Aspecting the body. Did anyone else notice a certain suited gent, minus jacket, emerge from a house with offerings instead of profferings for those gathered there. Spot the fuller shirt, the wider waist, the merchant’s arms, the palms uppermost. You did—hey well done you! From whence I come [ not Venice, definitely not Venice! ] they’d call that the price of political capital. Aint nothing wrong with this so long as the guy knows. And does ss-strong things about it. Eh mister wordman? Speak up, man, la maison se trouvait vide. Know what I mean?

And if you don’t go easy on yourself because everyone else does.

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