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Dear John,

Did you ever consider the extent to which a recently cuppaed, now sole party MP, would reward you for election services rendered..?

  • Charter schooling.. know ye not the phenomenal US support this hath received, already? One such Chartered advocate there hath figured it to be less applicable than zero point zero five percent (<0.05%) of all american school attendees. Another cited at the variegated pundit this day hath included Boston’s Pilot schools in order to boost the Charter comparative. Not the same at all. Constituting a somewhat deceitful omission I’d aver.
  • For if ever a newer model ‘trial’ in kiwis schooling were to take place then the Pilot would more assuredly sustain National votes. Compared to the Chartered now unavowedly working to diminish them. Advised here, and to your Minister and her people also you understand, out of need to have justice by the majority party seen to be done. Delivered.
  • ps: On very good independent adult authority I can tell you that No Child Left Behind sloganeering leftovers from Bush-era politics has proved themselves mostly about conflicting havenots against havenots. AKA, poor whites vs poor coloreds. Else poor blacks v poor hispanics. Doing such to kiwis is a sad bad look, not what a National Coalition wants from their PM.
  • Pike coal mine official inquiry. Witness Holden came over tellingly in relating his evidence and expertise on the radio. What he said hammered a point I’d earlier been reading about. Re the herd behavior of unfortunate miners just going along with others rather than question on-the-job conditions to the point of whether they ought be there at all. Wasn’t management and supervision, not to mention lousy mine design, a sad bad set-up!
  • Left to themselves beneficiaries can just as sadly and badly bash themselves! One might have occasionally admired the woman for taking leadership positions – (trampled by horses in Melbourne springs to mind) but in the matter of beneficiaries’ mispending I’d have to disagree with Mz Bradford. Individual freedoms one thing, responsible beneficiaries and taxpayers’ dough another. Saying, as I would face-to-face, how these people are better off not smoking, not boozing, not using, not wasting, and not abusing themselves and dependents’ subsistence. If it takes well-run supervision to have them realise this better off then so be it.
  • Voluntarists’ in social responsibility roles. It’s worth pointing out to you how at big committee meets of such orgs at the end of National’s long haul in govt (1998/9 ?) the folks told of their frustrations, and exhaustion. Of being put upon, of not finding the jobs they’d been told would arise with/from their efforts.. in a phrase SOLD SHORT. You can rely, Dear John, upon the fact of their – even tho some of them have reached the “dying band” – rapid recognition of repeats. Get the message—of course you do!
  • Now for a nice po$itive note. September last it was, and didna the cannae Scot bring in sweet rates to the Telebond. Just when everyone was up to speed on quarterly profits reporting and other corporate krunchies-for-kiwis along came the Wiz-into-bonds before S&P arrived in bear feet. At which point, and knowing he was outward bound, the split details came out. Chorus darn near 2/3 of the debt, New Telecom 1/3. Biggish figures, and, remarkably close to the SFO’s reported heap on South Canterbury. Sadly, both negative… and badly, way south. Else offsets could.. arguably.. have been arranged, wot!

Well, there’s my penta-worth. Here’s hoping things pick up. Rather as the sharp shift to New Iberia is eliminating the shock and awe of Katrina with its residual sludge and slime in forever-gone Nawlins’.

With respects to Bill, and Nick, and Tony and minister Joyce and Dunne – the good one.

I’m outta here.

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Variety — the Strife of Life..?

December 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Your variety is late.

That is the short form situation for something I am not enjoying one bit. And, frankly, I am too tired to do anything about.. in this mid-thirties afternoon heat I never envisaged buying into.

Save explaining a younger guy’s hard lesson late 80s/early 90s. He had come over to attend a meet if he could that one of his peers was about to give voice to on a kiwi campus. On the way he took in a broadcast which ended on a positive note: the meet was public. He could attend, he figured, if he got on down there and grabbed a ticket or admission tote.

This he did, but at the campus counter the telephonist told him it was a private meeting, and only for university members etc. Believing there to be some mistake he called staffers, each confirming her message. Till finally he got onto his peers host for the occasion. Private, this guy said, someone lied and you’ve been taken for a ride.

Years later this same fellow recalled your variety’s voice in a chance meeting. To tell of how such things were possible in what he termed the politics of media. Of how managed media – first cousin to administered (supplyside) economics – splayed its trade. Each entity per its influence. In politics this, loosely stated, ran something like 40 percent of the vote = 40 percent of the media’s attention. Five percent for five percent. And so on.

For servicing the public proxy, balance was invariably attained by having differing voices. In the US such wording was too deft; partisan said it. There. BTW, over the years there has come to reach here, maturer journos recognising this and mebbe running for cover. Any which way. From immature takeover.

Oops! I digress. Administrations changed people. Some for the better. Your variety hoped. As he took in the times, the changes.

Talked with rellies who also felt the need. Shared disappointments, celebrated successes. Helped and took some pleasure for themselves in your variety evolving dna. Variety would come back. Mebbe lay claim.. certainly to self-conquered aims. T’would be a purple pump occasion.

Yep, that was the deal. At the very same ( perhaps earthquaked) campus. Purple pumps—who the hell else would be wearing purple pumps in a crowd of.. conservative scientists or whatever?

Then the message – right out of the blue skies your variety was looking out to with a heart full of love – from life in a tube. Grounded. No outs. Just still, stay cool. Figure all those reconnects and.. and.. mebbe burn a little more fuel.. Hours passed, moves declined, speedo zero.. darkness and… all those unhappy conflicted people.. administered by WTF.. back floods the past. Someone lied, this time ..

Your variety is like that. Aint no ducking responsibility once you’ve rejigged.

Excusez-moi.. this is hard to do.. needs bloody attishoo.!

So.. if you see those purple pumps any time soon and you’ve gotten the right hold.. this will tell you what you’ve won.

And if you haven’t .. don’t. I can’t do anymore. Immediately. For variety. Variety for variety is where it’s at. Now.

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