New Year, New Style, New Things..

January 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

Though mostly older VALUES.

Time to celebrate something. It may look a little ridiculous at this point in time, but my sense is how a world in austerity WILL work-through and workout for the better.

In something like the following way.. you see the header above, being a couple of photos separated with a simple question and question mark in text. Explaining photos first. The guy on the right, taken in black and white when he was quite aged though now sepiaed with its own aging, is that of Charles Dickens. Great British author. Yes, that one! 2012, in this year of our times being the bicentenary or 200 years, from his birth.

The British will celebrate him as their guy for as long as it takes. And most certainly, and despite a year destined for the London Olympics, this year. As a schoolboy reader of his works and, of late, watcher of several excellent DVD productions(try forgetting Bleak House and David Copperfield!!) I’d simply add that Dickens along with perhaps Elizabeth Gaskin in Victorian England, had the rare maturity to characterise and popularise working folks as meek and mild at the behest of the pompous and wild. Resulting, I’d aver, in peopling his audiences and thus society with greater compassion, curiosity and social conscience. Tradition setting.

With nought but words and feelings he brought that older, industrially harder and harsher austerity to life. And presence. For others. To know of.. and do something about.

On the left, hattip Sony whose sampler shot of five intensely colored birds appeared on their latest screen technology OLED, depicting how global society nowadays would rely more on form and color, than words. A point which has me recall President G. W. Bush’s remark on his appointment of Condoleeza Rice to Secretary of State in his Administration—she was “the face”. Further explanation evident in one’s own preception of that personage.

Taken as a Dickensian tone this remark perhaps anticipated loss of honor at a price of presence. Video, movie and cyber presence. Not a happy trade-off I suspect.

So, in straight-telling black-and-white, I give you the boldness of What the Dickens..? As their link(photos), and mine to you, my readers.

Austerity produces VALUES. In people. All people, and, let us hope, for a lot more of the time. Than was evident in those who caused it. Lately.

Here I’ll talk what I talk.. walk and think about. The projects, loves, likes, and whatever else experience has led me through..

Join me.. please do.


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