Well, I meant to say..

February 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

What a let down that was..

Yesterday.. the 14th.. February… like always — 08 was another one.. and, earlier 04.. with a whole string of them going back… significantly in my case to 1992 — yea before the known CCF(qv last blog). Nothing! Not even a single red rose at my door!!

Leaders leap. Is what this is about. They give thought to it – four years is plenty of time for thought – and, decidedly, LEAP into action. One reason they have LEAP YEARS. To do this sort of thing.. But NOT here.. not for me at anyrate..

Can’t say I’m all too keen on waiting any longer.. the absence of romance and affection are giving it the appearance of leper-years. 🙂

Though I do promise YOU I shan’t lose any sleep over it. Not being a self-absorbed obsessive like the fellow – a Maori spokesperson really? – banging on about “hope springs eternal” in the matter of pakehas seeing things through maori frames(glasses = spectacles) vis a vis Te Tiriti, grievances, confiscations, “stolen” property etc.

To hear this so emphatically put several times on RNZ’s Talking Heads opportunity toward public debate does IMO reduce what import the messenger would have. Resplendent, as it was, without honestly declared obligations toward pakehas. In their partnership. No—and I kid you not—this fellow was all about what pakeha in the past did and were alleged to have done to maori. [what did maoris(small m for a sense of in the main population) do by way of retaliation. Upon pakehas? And from whom did they resource some frankly despicable belligerence, if not so-called activists etc. And don’t you dare, sir, say nothing or that such was justified!

Maoris of my acquaintance are and have been brave and kind. Progressive. As, for instance, the doctor in the days of plunket post-natal services who, when asked what she considered the maori answer to problems in the health and depleted population, said: “births, babies is the way.” And one knew instantly why she did what she did. Deserving utter respect in the process.

Hearing the above as I did from a replay last evening, I’d have to say how sorry I felt for the presenters. Kim Hill and Mr. Diamond(sorry I missed the given name). Having elicited a sensible call for education pertinent to past, present and future collaborations, reiteration from one so thoroughly obsessed did nothing whatsoever – for me – for the proceedings. Nor I suspect for honest endeavor by the party concerned. His self-education appears warranted, but I won’t hold my breath on his taking sound advice..

Parliament’s Speaker finds himself at a loss in dealing promptly with the MP, Mojo Mathers, situation. Per additional assistance arising from personal disability. In one sense, expected, such disablement having not invited a welcome at Parliament previously. Truly a first. For all parties to it. BUT – a big but I’d have to say – with the Speaker declaring himself unable initiate further funding without government agreement to that end — CAN John Key’s coalition government henceforth sustain actual PERMISSIVE DISCRIMINATION.

Examples of which – should we take care to frame appropriate language – already reside in a ready acceptance that all MPs receive the latest pay rises, and do so regardless of MP skills [ highly skilled rate themselves above(discriminate) less-skilled and/or newbies ]. And, further, by way of favor, political alignment, or powerful preferences, come to remunerate such things. Commensurately. Of course.

Commensurate to capability. Is it not? Democracy in this day and age is truly about capability. Voter me says that’s why I bother. Mojo Mathers entered Parliament on Special Votes, has a distinct appeal to disabled constituency and, rather than find herself discriminated against by her governing peers, ought be enabled exercise those skills in furtherance participation. Remind yourselves, too, that voters exercise judgement. That governments come to rely upon. They do so aware of the goose… and golden egg myths. Nowadays goose and gander go together. Higher conversations demand it. Better ends, yes?

Allow me suggest that Parliament’s “Mr Speaker” be taken off the short lead enough for him to turn his head and address the issue more capably. Y’know (the above revisiting my cerebrals somewhat) once upon a time was a man called morgan. Sounding, looking, disarray his way. What on earth did he and it cost the government of the day..? Nuff said, I’ve had my say.

Po$itively — I little cartoon joke I’ve come across and whose punch line still cracks me up. A Matt (@ Expat Daily Telegraph). Depicting a city of London gents tailor shop in which a pin-striped fellow is standing as the tailor on his knnes with measuring tape looks up and to his dismay says: “Will Sir be lining his own pockets?” I should add how full meaning and mirth can be had under a heading of Austerity in Britain. Sarcastic Matt, to be sure. Hey 🙂

Several things have come up recently. Taking time and blogging opportunity off center. I’m hoping to resolve one or two aspects soon and wonder whether actual cases – from whence new findings, thoughts, lines of R&D, public purse cost savings and better treatments may spin out – would be interesting. Let’s hear back..

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