Level Ploughing Fields..

March 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

But first, and with apologies for not having commented to the sad news of Jock Hobbs’s loss this week, I’d want pay respects and offer condolences to all truly affected by this loss. I did not make his acquaintance; though I did have a fair sense of both his commitment to Rugby and the 2011 World Cup, and. somewhat personally from what one heard of him on RNZ, a strong sensible safe pair of hands. Lost to us all such admirable attributes are the more deeply felt. Which explains my understanding of the many and multi-feelings expressed this week. Professionals and public alike. Hence my own belated addition.


Yes, this blog’s title is a ‘play’ on on the oft-touted phrase level playing field. It is that, a play, for several simple reasons; one being the good lady this morning who lifted her specs from her face to take a good look at a guy for his mention of a word she had not come across in many a year. Saith she: “What’s CONVERGENCE then?”

Imagine if you will please a filter funnel. Preferably glass so you can see what is passing through it, tho plastic a la mode will suffice if you must remain plasticated in the mass, cheap trap by which fooling oneself is someone else’s means to an end.

The shape for starters, wide flared circular top descending into a narrow neck and tube. Use in the kitchen – domestic laborettory that it can be – might have it deployed above a milk bottle or a jar. Yes, very good for avoiding spillage, ie assuming pours into wide-necked whatsits are not challenging. And most importantly excellent for flowing crowd particulates intent on rubbing shoulders with their neighbors.

Now add a little stretch of that imagination. Being poured into the top is not a saucer of milk, or hot panned jam, or some wickedly hotshot green tomato relish. Being poured into this filter funnel with its essential function of CONVERGENCE in mind is a whole market economy. Wow! Whole market econ-oh-my? Imposs—ibull!!!

Re-ally ( spelled with a crooked ‘e’ ).

Okay, explain yerself, said she. To he.

I will, said he. Lemme ask this. No, tell you what, spare yourself a few minutes so we can both go ask folks around this place. Okay with you? She fell into step as I approached a large blue-rinse lady whose aging mom steered the shopping trolley as slowly as possible to enable her daughter take in the labels on every purchase. “Excuse me Ladies,” says he, “whaddya think of only one petrol/gas station for this town?”

“Awright,” proclaimed bluebird. “Whaddzee say?” her Mom. “Sommink about just one gas station. Idz awright mum innit?”

“Bloody not all right,” says Specs at my side. I swung round to clear ‘I got you babe’ tone. “Prices.. gone up again.. this morning I think.. cudda swore it was 3 or 4 cents a liter less the other day.. and that was an increase on last week as well.”

The next guy was ripping cardboard off cool cookies with gusto when I leaned over. “Yeah,” said he, “Bloody awful! That’s what I say. One gas station. Gotta point there, mate. Bin down the bottleneck last night. Spewed a whole bloody liter I bet just waiting in a the queue ta get some! Same fer all the others. Then that caravan some idiot tapped me tail-lights with. Talk about no room to moove..”

“He’s right,” says Specs, “it is like that down the bowser. Never, never ever, used to be. Hey, hang on, there’s someone wants to tell you something.”

“Oi you, you with the nose onyer face. Yeah you, arsking aroun-nd eh. I wanna arsk you this: You an albatross frum auck.? Affcose..? Lyttelton? Like.. stirring everyone up!”

“Gawdsake gerl, beltup!” laughs unpacker man. “Here, luv, get yer hatton right, I can see yer hairpin hanging loose frum here. Don’t let the boss see that.. or itz—” Gestures at the neck.

“Whatzit yer wanna know?” says Fringe down at the cash-out. “Ridiculous! One gas station. Bad enough when we had two. One’s murder. Yeah, well, gottabe hassent it—for the other one! Dunnit stand to reason?”

“Know what you mean,” says Specs now completely taken with her role of writing to the Party about the real live experience she has undergone this morning. People are not happy at the top of the filter funnel. Doesn’t matter how many billionaires are at the bottom waiting for their mash to come out. Not fair. Not right. Not ON.

My-my does she have questions. Like with more water vapor in the air (from climate change ) what is the Government doing about more fungal spores on the ground? [ good question, in part explaining the virus’ attacking my hydrangeas and tomatoes this season—yep likely borne by fungals and meaning growers gotta rip them out and remove. Reverse growth is not. what. enzed. is. about. Hey!].

And like who is the fast-talker in enzed with the big I-am-business success reputation here? Stress fast-talker, likely modelled on what the banker bloke in his Gang of One book admitted ( March 10, 2012 ) he fell for after meeting up with Enron’s Fastow. How many others have fallen for fast talk?

She is steaming away in the carpark when a car pulls alongside and coldstore Clarey sez: “Wrong question. That question youse twos askin’. Know why? Tellyer. Cos there’s two gas stations. See.”

“No, you’re quite wrong there. The next nearest one is 8 or 10 Kms away.”


“Then Oxford with a fraction of the population and five times the brains—”

“Ere watchett you, this is where all the shops is—the shops is not open—how many they got then?”

Specs grinned before replying, the earthquake consequences having at last dawned mis-sentence in the other’s mind and making the anthropogenic convergence all the worse to bear. For its foreplanning, present planning and clear exploitation regardless of peoples’s plight. Then said: “Three.”

“Blimey! So.. what can we do about it! I mean—”

“What indeed. Worda mouth. Spread it will you. First meet’s at the level ploughing field. Okay? See you there!”


Po$itively — This Indian government decision requires Bayer to license the cancer drug Nexavar to Natco Pharma, which must pay Bayer a royalty on its sales but will sell the drug for about 3 percent of Bayer’s price.

If the above is about private and corporate convergence then true democratic government public convergence would appear to be a useful and practical counter to it.


Next time the seriously serious aspect to the Financial Markets Conduct Bill before Parliament in need of attention before legislators IMHO display no learning whatsoever from past mistakes.. and plot yet another misguided failure..

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