Billing .. a caper called Never on Saturday..

April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Amazing how little things can drive one quite potty..

And then, quite suddenly, off pops the lid and out for all to see the potty-maker mechanism which some dude charged a heap for in one of his make-work schemes.

And, no guys and gals, that was not a dig at Labor who more obviously than not go in for make work schemes just to lasso continuing membership.

FYI the modern alternative to this schematic is non-national building make price schemes. Don’t believe me then!

But I can assert the mechanism of lower global milk pricing has much to do with the counterfactual of supplyside — yea, for administrative pricing through supply relies entirely to date on hedges and speculators ‘competing’ with consumers and their agencies to drive prices. Getting on outta the mix explains the fall. No question.

Enough notch stuff for the minute.. I wanted only to bill an oncoming cheer-UP whose actual participants have long since left the scene, so to say, yet whose latest narrator – me – can still recall with considerable humor.

The title lends nothing whatsoever to the Greeks and/or Melina Mercuri’s classic hit, tho a little to news this week of yet another Japanese innovation in the construction sector. For post-shook ChCh.

So.. keep an eye out for another blast from the past.. likely prepped tomorrow (time being my stiff commander today) and up by Friday at the latest..

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