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April 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

A lad whose dad was a journalist and whose professional ‘calling’ the boy wants to follow has an essay up in which he says:—

The only thing I know about the world, beyond my own personal experience, is what CBS News has just told me.

And for me this makes for why public journalism is more than just a job.

I say this because this morning I overheard a Mike on a commercial mic who claims to deliver the news you need to know in 90 seconds. Need to know significant. Understated of course – the guy can’t come on out and admit it is angled by selected sound bite content – significant because this morning some spiel alluding to the closure of a public broadcaster related his decided problem with what he called “condescending” people who make out “they’re better than the rest of us.”

And no, I’m not playing devil’s advocate on this one. Bigger issues at hand.

In a nutshell, and balancing what I both heard and know for myself of relevant kiwi commercial and public journalism, I’d aver he is so obsessed with doing a job that he misses entirely any sense of calling. And thereby makes a false case to present a misleading picture rather than admit a personal ( sadly also self-professed) complex.

Constructively I’ll simply add this calling skill component pays due diligence to MEDIA-THE-REALITY, which our young friend above found himself in. As so many others.

Taking advantage of this, jobbers delight in their professed power and/or celebrity. Without regard to journalists’ proper about their career calling. Difference we might say between private advantage and public service. Both of which, and despite economic constraints, have value. To any who would their suffer loss.


On the MMP matters before parliamentary committee I figure that if the Party vote percentage of overall voting at a General Election is what really determines the makeup of a new Parliament then its minimum for parliamentary participation is the crucial component.

I feel only parties, movements, or adequately qualified interests attaining this minimum should gain access to the Parliament.

Given resolve and commitment to meet the crucial reality I feel that those (as presently) attaining individual parliamentary access through an Electorate seat ought be discouraged. Given the nature of political alliances to attain government power I think a more honest and transparent course for individuals(small MP numbers) lies within a larger party. What can ally post-Election can also surely accomodate pre-Election.



I’d intended insert some useful bigger picture content for NZ farmers to consider – such as the so-called Indonesia Intent and China Change Convergence which, implemented, could only benefit a few(this being the way of the world in which we all live) – yet these privatisations in an era of same can wait on Anzac day.

Besides, I am out of time, and the “pedestal of awesome” – nice one, Phil šŸ™‚ shall intervene. Worth a listen tomorrow, before a whole commodity productive sector attempts give its uninformed self away.

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