Flubs and Flusterers

May 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Prior blog update: turned out on checking/confirmation the Cali cow died au natural rather than slaughter. The difference making for lesser risk and news value stateside than could be anticipated.


I finished up last time on a cautionary note of post Anzac day with its hearing on reset legislation for milk-producer/marketer thereby “giving itself away”. On air reaction presupposed that someone – either the party concerned directly or another interested party, or related agency thereto – did not want to give anything away. Such people suffer – quite sad really – an indulgence called self-determined self-interest. When in point of fact such attributes make them very useful marks. To financial market movers and shakers. Knowing not what they do can be so efficient. For the wrong people.

This being why I thought to help or assist with my ‘big picture’ reference. However, in the circumstances I’ll simply add that wouldbe change to the corporation would more wisely and sensibly serve its producers BETTER from knowing about RET and effecting changes to limit RET impact consequent the intentions heard about already. Clue to RET – wouldn’t want the market mojos to swallow producers whole. Now, or next. Would you? Of several ways to prevent or delay this I’d suggest superfluous pricing agency elimination which should not be too difficult vs high $. Tho high producer debt levels would require strong management.


A fellow Saturday was prodded by KIm to flub and fluster on what he called “free markets”. What he failed to get was the origin of this term in political-economy rather than economics. Harks back to Ike’s military-industrial-complex The ‘free’ bit shorts FREEDOM. [ US boast as the freedom secured by military dominance. Implicit and current still in the US admin’s explanation of deployed ‘industrial might’ military drones tonight(Mary Wilson’s Checkpoint)]. The economics bit codes industrial strength. Taken together in and post Ike’s generation the politics is war by any other means meme has been adopted by among others big US banks. Hey, these are simple guys. They aint following what they should be following—financialization—they are following Bismarck with his indispensable buddy Bleischröder.


Could be the Blest way is incentive enough to clear the oceans of plastic garbage. Not to mention a solution with greater cost effectiveness than sub-marine mining/drilling/extraction.

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