Coins in the Fountain

May 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is not about making a rice pudding in labor-intensive 30 minutes flat. Nor, on a similar topic, a rice pud from long grain rice..? It is coining responses to matters overheard..

1. Can’t say if spelling name correctly but the aussie economist – Debunking Economics – Keen, on Kim’s Saturday show, was a shade too keen to express unnecessary opinion/s . Nice to hear, however, his correct assertion that neocons entirely overlooked financial activity factors in their supposed economic thinking. However, Keen appears to have entirely overlooked time impact upon their perspective. Resulting in the one truly sad, bad and derailing rendition known henceforth as neocon nonsense. Such omission had them start out in ‘perfect’ position when in fact perfect was the end-point. Moral: greed grabs. aka Growth business-cycle drivers. Not necessarily “good guys with bad ideas”. More values short. I think, too, insofar as US corporations’ groupthink, that globalization pushed their commercial horizons straight through all democracy champions. ps: democracy takes time, and time-is-money mantra costed society’s vital learning curve off the round table.

BTW: mathematically rational behavior = predictive powers is not life in a “padded cell”, it is random’s end-point aforementioned all things considered. Remind me to prove this point some time.. mathematically of course.. and in language so very easily understood by australasians.

2. Do I have it correct: that Norman, the kiwi Greens’ co-leader, appears to be demanding the plan in planet National? If so, I can’t help but feel their governance intent somewhat outdated. Do governments plan private enterprise’s course anymore..? Encourage, nudge.. mebbe.. but stipulate, posit, advocate..???

3. In most respects I would wish the fellow well, but for what it is worth I disagree with Mr. Anderton’s intent to salvage the CHCh cathedral. The problem, and long term I’d have to say, is its site, not the building as such.

Po$itively:— Worldwatch’s Benedictine monks of Cannes item relating the utility of wealth from exclusive wines and restaurants very aptly fitted this morning’s (Sunday) reflection on the week. Counterpointing, as it does, the kiwi BAU in selling overpriced new properties to the Quake-ravaged market of dispossessed families and householders. If ever there was a time and location to refactor local economics per the Keen economic model then this would be it.. which is to suggest a correctly timed event for sustainable community living..

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