From Moscow (Russia) with Bell Curves..

July 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Moscow in July, 2010, and record-making temps, which is the story here before your very eyes.

It came to mine – (eyes that is) – after disappointment expressed by certain Mid-Easters at Dr. Gluckman’s omission from his lead talk in RNZ’s(with NZ Royal Society) Talking Heads debate. This being how Schmuelli and the M-team were left off the fellow’s small-nation leader top spot(or slot as the case may be). Naughty, if deliberate, I’d say. And most inconsiderate if prejudiced.

Tell the truth, I listened a little while, after all the Doc is the PM’s adviser on science and its place in NZ society etc. Not to mention in NZ’s global trading aspects, too. Yet when I got to hearing about “post-normal” states of mind etc I was already asking myself just who his tutor had been on that topic.

Was the tute a Russian. Because he should have been. Or was the tute and his source of knowledge on the term one of those north americans who more than likely these days is a childe of those magpie americans snitching Russian scholarship. Example being the author of Atlas Shrugged, whose flight from Russia’s communist revolution ended neatly in the society of young banking execs like Alan Greenspan. And therein engendered huge praise for american capitalism through its corporate structures. We have learned, have we not, how AG and soft interest loans to US corporates marked the beginning and near end of US banks from such things. Praising up the unpraiseworthy was a bummer.

My point, however, is that US snitches have been at it again when post-communist Russia which had quickly deteriorated unto criminal control, primed a new political philosophy. Which their intellectual lights termed post-normal. Cf if you will the cleverness of this with 1960s post-modernism in the West which took on the harsher US modernism from President Wilson on. The term found favor because it was taken as superceding what went before.

So let us be clear: postnormal references russian elites’ criminality – the normal – with intent to supercede it. From memory I think Kasparov was most impressed.

This said, I consider any further parallel as to science (in aforementioned US-speak, the new ‘normal’) and its being superceded by a hatchet job on the populace in line with the out-of-touch elements already mentioned.

I could add a choice comment or two on “multinationals” and their supposed merits — my sense was the promo aimed at softening up an audience and haven’t we all been there before.. 😉 —but I’m out of time.

Which you’ll be pleased about. Of that I am sure.

Which is to say that Talking Heads can only improve. Hereon in.

ps: Schmuelli = SSD = solid state drives where the only things to go wrong are content.

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