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C-rights say I can’t do the other T-word, and desktop tech says I wouldn’t want to.

But the message is brief. Salient. It is: Cigarettes will be sold in drab and plain packaging following the High Court’s affirmation on Wednesday that the legislation passed by the Australian Parliament in 2011 did not contravene the constitution.

If ‘drab and plain’ is good enough for aussis then mebbe kiwis can see it is good enough for them, too.

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Updater 2: Sallying Forth..

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Just in we have Tom Norton @ Pharmexec with a singular explanation among other things of why Mitt Romney‘s direction to his Michigan University audience is deserving of ‘Twit’ as I impliedly writ in the blog.

He said, did he not, that he would block state Medicaid monies telling all how they shall dispense the funds etc.

Whereas Tom, as you see, spells out the SCOTUS ruling and intent from none other than President G.W. Bush‘s appointment Chief Justice John Roberts:—

… there is little doubt that the Congressional “threat” to withhold funding from those States that might not comply with the law was obliterated by Chief Justice John Roberts. Indeed, in his Majority opinion [pp. 49, 50] Roberts clearly states the responsibility for decisions regarding the “New Medicaid” will fall on the states; not the feds. Potentially, a stunning decision.

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Update: Sallying Forth

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Pretty sharp journo is all I’d say of Adam Nagourney @ NYT.

Made sharper I think with his opening clip:—

“To me, social programs are important. Consequently, not to support people who are in need of medical assistance shows a callous disregard to the populace.” — Shephard Lane, 70, Boca Raton, Fla.

Memorable, though I would have to say for this fellow’s awareness of what Ayn Rand hath wrought unto the so-called christian hordes’ elite. And advocates.. and inept… and ignorant… blah blah..

Leading promptly to the one question they dare not answer: how come you’re sociopathic? Okay, so I get you are using voters, but hating them right after using them…???

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In the Season of Sallying Forth..

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Shame it took so long for Mitt – anglo-speak = Twit – Romney to declare his backup or backwatcher by name Ryan, presently Rep ping for Wisconsin..

Well mebbe not so much a shame on the wouldbe Republican Presidential nominees as a calculated offense by them upon the populace. Yep, by Independence Day many figured. Comeback kids!

Had that been the case, y’see, the evident silence after this actual announcement as to Rep Ryan‘s mojo and MR‘s mastery in backup doo-dah-derie, would have been long debated and, democrats would wish, dismissed. To the health benefit of all.

So.. what doth this fellow remain so staunchly silent about.?

Good question. Answer: actually quite a lot. But to be fair, open and honest to my readers we might frame commentary to his professed ‘economic edge’ as a US budgetary hawk in terms of from whence did he come to clip the Tea Party topiarists’ ticket.

Anyone for candidate Kerry..? Back in the day his run against then President G.W. Bush was looking good on a backwash of public resentment for the guy who’d taken American troops into the Iraqi ‘hellhole’ for no good reason. Other reasons, yes, none of them good saith the voting public. Of the day.

And Kerry had some useful ideas to implement. Popularity-making. Not least aiding and extending Medicare by way of Part D. Thereafter, fully funded, more medicines and paid-for treatments would be available to US citizens.

In deep doo-doo it was said G.W. fast-dialled sumbuddy for a fix. GOP-fix. For, and/or by, them. These things do not take an age, require little consultation and in-sync with that dial deliver decision. Snitch, snatch, steal—whatever it it takes for OUR OWN President to keep his job, saith they unto themselves.

Hence in a single sharp swoop the democrat initiative was lifted and implemented without further ado. Further GOP ado, that is to say. Oh, mebbe they insisted on their hirelings and honchos for the paperwork. Glory! Glory sang their choirs, Georgie Boy is saved. As proved the case.

Yes indeed, the G.W. Bush administration implemented Part D, taking sufficient voter credit for its return to high office from this fact alone. Though there was no time, they told themselves at the time, to ‘fully fund the thing. That would work out, no problem.’

Among the honchos and hired securing this significant feat was one, Rep. Ryan. Lest we forget Joe reminds us how — “Ryan has become the darling of conservative intellectuals for his “bold” budgetary proposals and willingness to “take on entitlement spending” .

Part D is entitlement spending: Medicare Part D was the biggest expansion of entitlement spending since 1964.

2004 Ryan and the GOP passed this drug benefit without dedicated financing, offsets and revenue generators.

For the sole purpose of getting back into political office.

To the extent that this goal would accurately reflect the TP determination for Obama‘s “one term” government, one can readily see Ryan as their ‘very own boy’, but given the context of this boot being on the other costly foot now, hypocrisy hurdling is the new sport of this political season.

BTW: there’s nothing down to Ryan on Part D entitlement spending in recent proposals and speeches. Given the Medicare Actuaries’ Report in present value terms of $9.1 trillion “during the first 75 years” and despite Obama‘s reining down expenditures to some welcome extent, only elimination of this figure would honestly account Ryan‘s present undeclared position.

Bottom line: Lookout Mitt, that’s the back you’d better watch!

Yet waitta minute, wannabe veeps gotta backwatch, too. You betcha. So, I’ll tellem, Mitt, shall I. In as few words as I need muster ..

Not Medicare, but MEDICAID, is the health care program for low income Americans. Covering 60 million people it is the largest health insurance program. Facts not widely known because it does not get media attention. Besides, who would want to go after the lowly paid?

Well, yes, there is an answer to this question. Are you watching Paul..!

Earlier this summer, the SCOTUS ruled how Medicaid expansion in the 2010 health care law must be optional for states.

Said Mitt Romney in a Michigan University speech(2011):—

“The state is the best place to determine what is the best way to help those poor.. And so I would therefore block grant to the states’ Medicaid funds, and say to the states, ‘You now use these monies as you feel appropriate to care for your own poor.’ “

Currently Medicaid is an unlimited entitlement program whose costs are shared between Federal government and State governments. This is essentially legislative speak, for Medicaid beneficiaries include grandparents-in-care, poor children, more serious and/or chronic medical conditions like middle-class autism, Downs’ and so on.

Romney‘s view, as we see, appears supportable by the SCOTUS term optional, unstated is what the Republican means in actual funding practice.

Answering this, and careful to cite nonpartisan sources, President Obama told AP Editors in April that the Republican congressional budget endorsed by Romney sends Medicaid funding back to the states with a BIG CUT. He added how this, “would take away health care from about 19 million Americans.”

Is that back big enough for you, Paul boy? Or are you part of it, steel-clad and oiled up against the fearful rubs..

Of which the coming season promises plenty.. Not to mention the hurdles, over which any steel clad bear another huge handicap…

ps: This blog was inserted since I am waiting for data for the intended other. Of which, the joke is secure, and very funny, whilst the remaining sandwich looks overlong..

Keep on the good work, folks!

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Fresh.. update..

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Okay, so some couldn’t believe the extent of facebook’s stock foul-up.

Here, hattip allthings, from the true believers:

Fidelity Investments was an early buyer of Facebook Inc. shares. In the spring of 2011, two dozen of its funds bought more than $200 million worth of the company’s private stock. Then, when Facebook went public in May, many of those funds and other Fidelity funds loaded up on publicly traded shares.

Now, many of the giant Boston-based company’s fund managers are shrinking their stakes.

To put it mildly.

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Fresh from the Tax Pol People..

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I heard how “High-income households would get tax cuts under a system like the one Mitt Romney is proposing”..

whilst.. wait forrit… all lower income people in the US would cop the burden.

Talking burdens for a mo, you’ll know of the big stock price dump on facebook.. unlikely, however, the realisation of what this means to California state… whose earlier expectations of a $1.9bn windfall resulting from the float has seriously taken a hit on their projected budgeting.

That’s what comes of talking stuff up — you get the stuffup! All Round.

“Disgraceful” the vox were reported alleging in kiwiland this day. Oh. says I, to myself. [ Beats talking to the typewriter per a Muldoon joke 😉 ] On RNZ after lunch. A case of hearing someone argue the lettuce toss in Parliament I’d suppose.

Yep, Charters ( aka Partners venture ) are a toss-up. Stateside their existence permits wannabe tutes make out as pioneers in the business o’ truancy (bot) game. Reality, as could be expected, however, effects their burden upon other more traditional schooling structures and environments. Yet this is a country of such risk taking.

Whereas in relatively tiny NZ, tutelage cannot be the issue. It can be the business ( card or plastic model ) fronting with borrowed bot excuses, but to be that honest-to-goodness education business model it would be privately capitalised and self-funding. True private enterprise occasioning exemplary intent. NOT, repeat NOT, taxpayer funded because no one with balls enough to risk their private enterprise belief can be found to work things out. Associates – in government or not – had better take heed, methinks. Taxpayers are neither a bottomless pit of funding nor to be taken for granted in devious machinations by the self-interested.

Conclusion: this is not an honest-to-goodness endeavor; it is something darker. By untrusting people. Backers in blinkers. Tunnel visioned to discord. Low level social conflict, as a former US Republican President would put it. But then modern Republicans, as I started out above, are practised in such matters.. there, here, everywhere…wot!

ps: Bill, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d greatly appreciate hearing more about the “2012 window” on government asset sell outs. Apparent already is recessionary crunch (outside kiwis control etc) with an attenuating timeline, but the nature of “losses” and other impacts need spelling out to risk-rakers and managers alike. After all, and in that fairness mode johnboy made to ChCh property owners, if the Waitangi people are deadlined to explain significant matters then government explanations can only aid this exercise.

Besides, I wouldn’t want your state to repeat California’s stuffup..

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