Fresh from the Tax Pol People..

August 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

I heard how “High-income households would get tax cuts under a system like the one Mitt Romney is proposing”..

whilst.. wait forrit… all lower income people in the US would cop the burden.

Talking burdens for a mo, you’ll know of the big stock price dump on facebook.. unlikely, however, the realisation of what this means to California state… whose earlier expectations of a $1.9bn windfall resulting from the float has seriously taken a hit on their projected budgeting.

That’s what comes of talking stuff up — you get the stuffup! All Round.

“Disgraceful” the vox were reported alleging in kiwiland this day. Oh. says I, to myself. [ Beats talking to the typewriter per a Muldoon joke 😉 ] On RNZ after lunch. A case of hearing someone argue the lettuce toss in Parliament I’d suppose.

Yep, Charters ( aka Partners venture ) are a toss-up. Stateside their existence permits wannabe tutes make out as pioneers in the business o’ truancy (bot) game. Reality, as could be expected, however, effects their burden upon other more traditional schooling structures and environments. Yet this is a country of such risk taking.

Whereas in relatively tiny NZ, tutelage cannot be the issue. It can be the business ( card or plastic model ) fronting with borrowed bot excuses, but to be that honest-to-goodness education business model it would be privately capitalised and self-funding. True private enterprise occasioning exemplary intent. NOT, repeat NOT, taxpayer funded because no one with balls enough to risk their private enterprise belief can be found to work things out. Associates – in government or not – had better take heed, methinks. Taxpayers are neither a bottomless pit of funding nor to be taken for granted in devious machinations by the self-interested.

Conclusion: this is not an honest-to-goodness endeavor; it is something darker. By untrusting people. Backers in blinkers. Tunnel visioned to discord. Low level social conflict, as a former US Republican President would put it. But then modern Republicans, as I started out above, are practised in such matters.. there, here, everywhere…wot!

ps: Bill, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d greatly appreciate hearing more about the “2012 window” on government asset sell outs. Apparent already is recessionary crunch (outside kiwis control etc) with an attenuating timeline, but the nature of “losses” and other impacts need spelling out to risk-rakers and managers alike. After all, and in that fairness mode johnboy made to ChCh property owners, if the Waitangi people are deadlined to explain significant matters then government explanations can only aid this exercise.

Besides, I wouldn’t want your state to repeat California’s stuffup..

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